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Are You COD or Bond



Are u cod or bond?

I assume bond

If my assumption is correct then you are daft

For years I have bought bond games, never giving COD a chance, up and till I got COD now I have three of them

You're probably not going to read more cause u think I'm an asshole but I'm not

Give cod a chance buy mw3 or BO2 you won't be disappointed

Enough with that time to get to are you cod or bond?

Well I'm cod after I played disaster 007 legends, COD pretty much bought me

To prove to you, Played modern warfaire 3 for a year then played legends then cod again then legends and then I figured it out, legends was crap, it was shit

Basic flu what I'm trying to say is will you be hardcore like I was and see past cod, or will you be neautral and give cod a try, or did you need this to provoke your mind to switch 007 for cod

Comment your choice and if you want more see what else I've posted recently

Remember u must choose your path the path of ignorance, or the path of neautral or the path of Cod

Comment ur choice

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Registered: ‎02-05-2012
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