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Activision Loses Bond License?


First off, I am back. I heard the reviews and saw gameplay and decided against purchasing the game.

Now, on to the topic. If Activision loses the bond license, (which it looks like it did today,) who will be logically publishing bond games? Who do you guys want to publish Bond games? In my opinion, this is amazing news. The Bond license has created a trash bin for activision to throw perfectly good developers into.

What do you guys think?

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Hello Oldmanjenkins! We haven't heard a peep out of you for a very long time. I hope you had a good new year

I never knew about this, I have just researched it and I think you are correct. Activision have withdrawn all digital Bond game downloads off steam and any other websites. I actually agree, Activision haven't really been that enthusiastic about having the Bond license and the Bond games they have published haven't really been that great.. Well I think QOS and GER are good games. But that's it!

If they really truly did lose their license, I hope EA Games or Treyarch gets it. EA made some of the best Bond games such as Nightfire, From Russia With Love, Everything Or Nothing and Agent Under Fire. They make each Bond game unique and they do it properly. They definitely prove this especially in Nightfire and EON.

Ha! It is amazing news because we have been waiting for a god Bond game for years.. Looks like there is going to be another 2/3 maybe even another 4 years from now before we see a new Bond game....

The next Bond game should have a unique story line like Blood Stone and Nightfire. Or they should base the game on Skyfall/Bond 24. Skyfall was very poorly one in the 007 Legends DLC. No wonder it was FREE! XD

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Oh yes, I forgot to incluse the links for this article:

This is a really intriguing statement and we will get the truth until further announcements have been made. But it seems clear Activision aren't interested in Bond gaming anymore, only call of duty.

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Quantum of Solace sucked. It tried WAY TOO HARD to be like Rainbow Six Vegas 2, which combines First-Person and Third-Person Shooter gameplay and failed miserably. Not only that, there's QuickTime Events in this game AND it's running on a Call of Duty engine. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and Blood Stone are the ONLY good Bond games out of the bunch. Plus, 007 Legends sucked, just like Quantum of Solace. So, with only two good Bond games and two bad Bond games, it comes as no surprise why Activision lost the license.

Christopher Burdick
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Somehow, this isn't too surprising. Probably because the games haven't done that great. Personally, I enjoyed them. They were all pretty fun. But, I hope EA gets the rights back to 007.  As aaron stated, they made some of the best Bond games and hopefully if they get the rights, they will make more great games. As for Treyarch, they are published by Activision so I doubt we'll see another game from them. Anyway, no matter who it goes to, I can't wait to see what the next game will be!!

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I'm actually hoping that Nintendo or Microsoft gets the license. If the license goes to microsoft, then Rare may be able to develop the game. If the license goes to Nintendo, that could be amazing as well because they published goldeneye, which Rare developed.

EA wouldn't be terrible either. Ubisoft would be interesting because there may be a little Far Cry thrown into the mix with the game.

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I tried writing but it kept freezing and giving me error messages so ill put this in point form:

  • Sony already owns licence
  • Microsoft own licence = no PS3 version
  • I own Hitman: Absolution.
  • Hitman=best stealth game out there
  • I hope Square Enix gets licence for Bond games (but make it FPS)
  • I found leaked footage for a cancelled XBLA version of Goldeneye 64 (ill put it at the end)
  • Nintendo = good
  • But... Nintendo = Who makes game?
  • If new GoldenEye game happens, Pierce better lending his voice and likeness or I will b*tch slap the creators

Footage: they won't let me post this reply because of the vids: just type goldeneye xbla on youtube and you'll find images and gameplay of the Silo

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I have seen this footage on youtube before, it is such a shame the plans didn't go ahead. We already have GE Reloaded for the xbox 360 anyway.

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