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Activision? EA? Where's Bond going?


So rumour has it Activison has dropped the 007 licence. To me this is good news because all I've seen is 3 FPS games with little Bond about them and a 3rd person shooter with more 00 action in it.

Activision and the developers forgot to look at what Bond is. What is Bond? Girls, gadgets, wit, action, cars, martinis, gambling - these are what Fleming wrote on his pages and what Brocolli and Saltzman brought to our cinemas. Admittedly Eurocom's Bond games add action, gadgets and girls ticked off. Even Blood Stone had cars, action and girls (although she was a nightmare who didn't shut up) but what about the rest on that list. James Bond has to go out to casinos in Monte Carlo and drink then gamble and finally mingle with a girl and lead her to his hotel room. Further after that he leaves her at 2am and drives off in a gadget laden Aston Martin. Activision should just continue to milk all they can out of Call of Duty and then, then they can focus on a proper 007 adventure to rival GoldenEye.

EA would be the best choice for Bond to go. Nightfire, Everything or Nothing, Agent Under Fire and From Russia With Love all embodied Bond. They had fast car chases and even faster women. Look at FRWL, the first thing Bond orders is a Dry Martini, shaken not stirred. Showing us that is Bond. In The World Is Not Enough It allows you to gamble, by playing blackjack. They had signature gadgets and even a flash bang shaver for God's sake! An Aston Martin car key which stunned people and the most important of all, a laser watch - direct from GoldenEye 64. Just to point out EA owns many subsidies - BioWare and DICE for example. BioWare make some of the finest RPG's on the planet such as Mass Effect and Knights of The Old Republic. DICE have the frostbite engine - imagine driving a super speed Aston down the crumbling streets of say Russia, whilst an apache helicopter shoots missiles at you all whilst you have a beautiful girl in the passenger seat.

My final point is to be made on 007 Legends. A fantastic idea, there is no better way to celebrate 007's 50th than with a game based on his classic adventures and SKYFALL. But they weren't based off the films very well. I mean yes, Die Another Day had Graves's electro suit and OHMSS had a ski chase. But the gadgets man! What happened to The DB5? The dart wristwatch from moonraker? An actual laser watch like the one in Die Another Day?  And I'm sorry to Timothy Watson but he is the worst Daniel Craig impersonator in the world. He only truly sounds like him when he says fillers, like "yes".  I'm sure Mr. Craig was focusing on SKYFALL but if he can do a Henekin advert he could have saved this game, being a big Bond fan himself. IGN is the biggest criticiser off them all. They said at E3's announcement of Moonraker that they were excited and they knew what it was going to be like but in the review they were "shocked" - hypocrites leading me to believe that they were just passing the time before anything big on that terrible franchise, oh what's it called? Call of Duty.

Rant over.

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They might be thinking about making a new bond game. But games will not all ways be the same as films. But they do try to make like that. But the game they just made could have been a bit better then it was. So they should make a better bond or EA should carry on doing the James Bond games then this group.

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