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007 Legends Bonus Targets


Ok, are there 2 sets of targets on OHMSS? On the main screen it says 5 targets and then in game it says 7 targets, I cannot figure this out.. and to make it more confusing I have found 7 different targets but yet my status reads 4/5 , is this a glitch?? I can go through them and you can tell me what you think.... I will start with the targets that the guys above listed

1) Container door next to crashed helicopter

2) On table next to be in the bedroom to the right of the stairs

3) Just outside the elevated beofre you go up to cable car room, if you look over the railing and look left you will see it

Now for the new ones.... I will just quickly name them and if anyone has trouble finding them let me know and I can go into specifics

4) At the beginning on a huge antenna filled with satellite dishes, on one of the dishes

5) In the room where you find the hidden door to blofelds lair, its behind the bar  in the top right corner

6) In the lab room that is 3 floors where you have to test the gas, its above the doorway that leads to the upstairs

7) In the main room before blofelds office, its directly across from blofeld office on the top section of the wall in the middle of the room

Anybody have any thoughts? Am I collecting two different things or whats going on here? Not sure how I have found 7 targets and yet I havent completed this trial....thanks.. hope this walkthrough helped you guys!

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there are 2 types of targets bonus targets which have the 007 logo on them 5 of them on OHMSS

then there are normal targets which are red n white  theres 7 on OHMSS

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Can you post a pitures of the targets trial and targets bonus of OHMSS and Moonraker i find only 6 targets of the lair of blofeild and 6 of moonraker

targets trial: OHMSS

1- on the antenna

2- after aving put bezel night vision to the right of the lift out

3- at the top of the columm on the right to the vase into the room of tracy

4- in the ceiling just entering in the first lab

5- in the lab L4 just above the door has the opposite of te exit

6- on the large grey wall in front of the office of blofeild

7- i have not found

Targets trial: Moonraker

1- Terminal 6 returing with Holy Goodhead in the hall before the elevator

2- In the first hall of training space 3rd door on the left

3- right of the entrance of the office of Drax

4- Room to the right of the gateway servers

5-In the corridor after having put the combinaison

6- before the mounted in te shuttle on a wall on the right must pass through the right to see

7- i have not found

If you could help me to be great as well as targets bonus in fort konx, i have the first target but i can't find the other two. thank you

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OK I'm gonna wrap up OHMSS and move on to license to kill, so here are the location of the targets

Trial Targets

1- On satellite dish on tall antenna

2- After you shoot the 007 logo above bar, as you go up the stairs turn around and its at the top of the stairs

3- On the outside of the lift as you enter night vision mode

4- On the column above the vase in the room where you protect tracy

5- In the chandelier in the first lab room (also where i found the last 007 logo)

6- In the L4 lab above the doorway with the caution sign

7- Across from blofelds office in the big room on the grey wall

007 Bonus Targets

1- Container next to crashed helicopter

2- Behind bar in the room before the room with the secret door switch

3- Next to bed in the bedroom to the right of the stairs in night vision mode


5- Outside the elevator when you are heading up to the ski lift room

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I have found three in the Licence to Kill Level.

1. In the first area, next to where the helicopter lands on one of the pillars.

2. In the room with the automatic doors in between the rooms where you plant the bombs. It's on a truck, on the right hand side.

3. In the last room when you have to protect Pam. On the wall directly opposite where you push the button. Hard to spot with a thermal scope.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here but wanted to share another location for a bonus target in License to Kill I happened to find.

As soon as you enter the first lab where stealth is required. There is a guard leaning over the railing and another that turns around and walks into a separate room. Once you kill the guard leaning over the railing he will fall on to the conveyor below. Right above the conveyor where he lands but below where he was standing you will see a dark circle on the side of the walkway (at least it was dark for me). At first I didn't think it was anything but shot it and it said it was a bonus target. Hope this helps. If I find anymore that aren't listed I will share them.

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I can't find in License To Kill the one in the truck can anyone help me please?

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Did you find it eventually since I am also having trouble finding the second bonus target in refinery or does anyone else have more detailed explanation about it's location?

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I found one. Escaping fro, Pam wher your going to the truck. Through door when enter room go directly leftlook foorward and it on the pillar. Just stupin luck I saw it

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is it before u get in truck

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