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Okay heres the deal my highest round is 24 at the moment on kino the untoten and ive past that round with 2 people went to round 35 with 2 people in a public lobby but it didn't count for me.Its been the same the past round 24 all the the time with 4 people in a public lobby so please do it fix my lobby leaderboards please

SO treyach can you please fix my leaderboards for zombies my gamertag is MR B AUSTRALIA so can you please reset my rank on zombies not multiplayer really appreciate it if you could do it please
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Atleast you can play. Whenever i do a public zombie game my screen turns pitch black and I can't turn my ps3 off. Whenever i eject the game my ps3 turns off after i got that pitch black screen. It all happened after i woke up because before everything was fine.
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yeah sorry to hear that dude you could probley try ethernet connection and see if that helps but im sick of my score not counting towards the leaderboards on the round list it stays on 24 the all time without changing im sick of it ive get past round 24 each time i play on a public leadeboard doesn't count
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Sorry to hear that trueblue007, my Kino der toten leaderboard is frozen on round 23 for last 2-3 weeks.

I've been looking at other threads on this issue, I've quickly seen a couple of people stuck on round 23, others between 24-26.

I know its too early to draw conclusions from this, but I'd love to see what others are experiencing with frozen leaderboards and is there a pattern that emerges.

So, for people with this problem, please visit thread "possible reason for frozen leaderboards?" and post what round your leaderboard is frozen on and on what map too. If anyone has friends that use forums with this issue, ask them to post too.

Give TREYARCH the chance to actually see that the problem exists.

Please post 2 main points:

- round survived that your leaderboard is frozen on

- map your frozen rounds survived score is on

If there is enough feedback, I'll do a summary post listing everyones information which will make it quickly obvious if there is a pattern or not.

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Yup leaderboards are broken...

It sucks

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Hey having the same problem now in 2019 same for my friend as well do they fix it?
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