todays free content and dlc drop. first impressions.

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todays free content and dlc drop. first impressio...

ok.  so i got up pretty early this morning to try out the new face-off mode.  I was surprised to find that the other elite dlc was available, as well.

Let me preface by saying that I am a very average player.


I played two matches:  a 1v1 match on Lookout and a 2v2 match on Getaway (hope i got the names right).  I was shocked to find that I really liked it!  I did horrible and after the 2v2 match I don't think my teammate liked me very much, but it was pretty fun.  the map Getaway was pretty cool.  It was like playing in only one house in BlackBox.  It was not hard to find action, that is for sure.  The 1v1 match was on Lookout and that map I like a lot.  there are a couple of elevated areas which overlook the map so if someone kills you from there, it is pretty darned tough to get them off it.  1v1 was a bit tougher to find the action.  more like hide and seek.

Overall, I liked the Face-Off mode, and I think it will help average players like me improve at close quarter combat and confronting an enemy face to face.  in other game modes, a lot of engagements are when the enemy isn't always looking at you.  hope that makes sense.


This map is pretty awesome.  beautiful map.  lots of corners, twists, and turns.  tons of cover, which i know will peeve the runners and gunners because there are some elevated sniping spots that could be tough to get a sniper out of.  stealth builds will do quite well on this map.  Needless to say, I did bad, but it's a game and I enjoyed playing.

Let me know what you think of the maps and game mode once you give em a shot.


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Re: todays free content and dlc drop. first impre...

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Oasis looks amazing, and I'm jealous of everyone that has it! I don't want to pay for Elite and I've spent way too much on CoD DLC over the years that I'm beginning to feel ripped off.

What I like about all the new maps they are releasing is that they seem to be listening to use feedback. A lot of people said that the maps they designed were all bland and rather colourless, looking at Oasis it seems they've taken that feedback in, and many others that I cannot name because I can't remember them!

Face Off mode is awesome, and now the only reason I'd actually play Mw3 instead of Black Ops now.

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