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this is just my opinion.. i like tdm better because in objective games a lot of people stay in one place because they know that people are coming... its alot easier to get kills in an objective game if you already know wer the players are going... a lot of people play objective games to get a good kd but when they play tdm they suck really bad... sometimes i invite people who have a good kd but once we play tdm and they are doing bad they leave and go to objective games...

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Re: tdm>objective games

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TDM = crazy camping. Sure there is camping in objective modes but i see much more rushing in those instances. In TDM I definatly have to slow down my pace or I will get eatin up.

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Re: tdm>objective games

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Not to mention the disgusting spawn system in tdm; Hijacked is a prime example; you start a game, firefight in them iddle of the map, then just because ONE player from either team steps past that midway point, the entire other team spawns directly behind you, regardless of how many of our team is still in that spawn; it is actually impossible to move on that and other maps without getting knifed or shot in the back, it needs fixed.

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Re: tdm>objective games

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I love the map and man do I camp the hell out of that map. Can you say shock charge, bouncing betty and scavenger three times fast?!?! Lol

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