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Well to me its stupid how ghost only works while your running around the map which gets you killed easily. Defusing, planting a bomb, using a controlled scorestreak. Well How about when playing domination like taking a flag i mean you are playing the objective, or headquarters and hardpoint. I mean you guys already nerfed ghost so much n this game like i remember in bo1 having ghost pro hide in a corner being afk come back your not dead.

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People complained about all kinds of things so Vauhn (I know I misspelled it) made everything with a counter and split up Ghost to keep it from being like Assassin in MW3. It's a different game buddy. Here's a tip, lay a bouncing betty on the ground and lay on it while using a controllable streak. You may die but you will take a few with you!!! That's the best case scenario. Or you can camp out in a corner but but make sure that your teammates are spawning around you....if they aren't you know that an enemy soldier is near by changing the spawn again. Good luck!

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Or O.P. could just play the game.

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If you are in the process of playing an objective, like capping a flag or planting a bomb ect... you'r still hidden by ghost. It also still hides you while operating a manually controlled score streak. You can even do small circles at walking speed if you wanna be a little cheap about it.

Also heads up, when you have Ghost on, the yellow triangle on your mini map that represents you is dimm. When Ghost isn't working, it turns bright letting you know you can be seen on the enemy radar. That way you don't have to wonder if your perk is working or not.  Hope this helps a little.

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