how to uninstall DLC

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how to uninstall DLC

i purchased add-ons from the playstation store for black ops and i want to deactivate them... how do i do this? i have looked all over to find an answer but i cant seem to find one. give me some info on how to delete the DLC.

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Re: how to uninstall DLC

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Simply Create a New User on Ps3, then delete the old one.

This will uninstall everything installed on that Users account, your welcome.

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Re: how to uninstall DLC

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Trolling or just an idiot ? Do not remove your account or creatr a new one, just delete the game installion file regarding BO on your PS3. You can find it on your XMB on the games section under game information tools or what ever it will be called in english (2. folder counting from the top).

Just delete the file, game saves from singleplayer etc. are on a separate file in a different location so you wont loose them. You will have to re-download the latest patch for Bo the next time you pop in, as you will delete all game installation files. If you want the DLC back, just redownload it from the PSN store, you wont have to pay for it a second time.

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