What Emblems Have you Made/seen? Post Up

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Since The PS3 kept having that error in MP I took it apon my self to make some cool emblems here are the first five emblems I have made in BO2.

I think their pretty legit. tell me what you think.

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I can't make my Eminem(Candy) from the first Blops because of the unlock levels, so I just have a legit pink smiley.

I have seen some football logos(American.) lots of rainbow creations with all colors, and a girl topless.

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Online image hosting worked at least.

My first emblem. Took a pic of the screen with my cellphone. Hmmm, they should add an option to share emblems on Elite.

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First one I made, I took a picture of the tv with my cell so it's cruddy.

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Wow, thats great.  I saw a similiar one where they did the Halloween movie (jack o latern sideways with the stabbing knife).

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That is a pretty sweet emblem...One thing I've always liked about BLOPS was the ability to create your own emblems...It really shows how creative people can be...GREAT JOB!!!

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You didn't make the ted one. You saw it on Youtube and used it. At least give credit.

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I got the idea of ted on the internet but i dont need any tutorial on how to actually do them. all i need is a picture of it and i can pretty uch make it.

just like the FINN the human one... look on youtube i bet theres not one tutorial on how to make him.

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Harleyquin wrote:

You didn't make the ted one. You saw it on Youtube and used it. At least give credit.

And that video got it from somehwere else, why don't you post something you have made?

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can someone point me in the right direction for some decent emblems to make please links would be greatful

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