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Anybody finding that you can get into a lobby but the match doesnt actually start, just keeps putting you into team, saying the match is gonna start then says needs more players to balance teams..been waiting for the same match to start for the last 45 mins! At least its better than yesterday..Any ideas on how to fix?

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Have you tried the port forwarding on your router?. Ive noticed that while in some rooms it wants to what I call do the "flip-flop shuffle" Switching from need more players to balace teams to starting match. I back out of that lobby and retry another lobby. The match normaly starts right up after the second lobby. However, we as users shouldnt have to do that.. I can only suggest that we as hard as it is and as hard it is for me to say this.. but we really can't do anything but sit back and be patience and let Treyarch and Activison support team try to resolve all the bugs we are experencing.

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I have the same problem. Need mor players (even if there are twelve players), balancing team, starting game, need more players....

But I only have the problem with Team Deathmatch on normal. On Hardcore and Training it worked every time. Very interesting...

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Same issue here.Core MP keeps doing the flip flop no matter how many lobbies I try Other core games seem to work fine.

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If we were XBOX players non of that could take that long

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