My take on BO2

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My take on BO2

Let me say this is just my opinion.  Take it with a grain of salt.  I'm not trying to be absolute and saying it's the worst or best thing ever. 

But my first impressions are leaning toward the negative side.  The technical problems I've had in just a few hours of play is staggering.  The most notable is the lag/connectivity issues.  It's on par with the release of MW3.  I don't want to say I'm a half second or anything behind but if I used the FAL and fired four shots center mass on an enemy and then died.  In the killcam it shows me firing just one shot.

The next thing is constantly being booted out of a party. Somehow we'd all lose connection or a few times we were even put in different lobbies.  And there were also a few times where a teammate would end up on the other team.  I guess the matchmaking decided we didn't like the guy very much.

And with all the booting out I think this probation period isn't a good thing for the game.  I had to sit out for 5 minutes after a few games lost connection.  Also people who are getting screwed and are on the crappy end of the lag, quit out a lot to search for a good game where they're not being cheated.  I predict these people will be forced into this timeout but then just not pick up the controller again.  They'll go off to do or play something else.

But these are technical issues which I hope can be solved in a reasonable amount of time and not go on and on like in MW3.

As for the game design, I'd say the maps took a page out of MW3.  All close combat, tight corners with a lot of people resorting to hipfire situations.  I thought the original Black Ops had a good variety of maps from large, mid-size, and small maps.  But all these maps seem equivalent in size.  That combined with Ghost as the last perk, and you still show up if you're in the same spot for a while, it's obvious they only promote one particular style of play.  The run and gun.

But my biggest beef is the class system.  Picking 10, actually equals less than what we've had equipped in BO and MW3 because of the lack of pro perks and how everything is so fragmented in the attachments section.  I noticed last night most people are ditching the secondary because they're still trying to equip the same amount of stuff they had on MW3.  It's ironic because this is set in the future and now we carry less.  I guess everything gets heavier in 10 to 15 years.  Anyway, I think if it were a true pick 10, and not having to use a wildcard that might improve that situation. 

Combine that with having only one scorestreak to go with all your classes, this game becomes very limiting considering it's suppose to be highly customizable.  And I know people had problems with the Support and Specialist Streaks.  But they did provide another dynamic to the game.  Which is something I think is good for the progression of sequels.  Having more and more options.  I feel like BO2 limited and cut everything down.  It seems highly geared toward one type of player which in the end seems backwards to me.  I just don't see this game as foward thinking as I hoped it would be.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  I'm always interested in hearing what the rest of you think whether you agree or disagree.

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Re: My take on BO2

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I do agree that the UAV spam is annoying but it does change the dynamic of the game. Definitely not cut and paste.

You really think the maps are that bad???

Give them some time to get the patches right too. Every launch there will always be something that needs to be fixed. Patients. I think it's a bit premature to write that long of a review just yet. Just my opinion.

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Re: My take on BO2

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Technical things, definitely, I can wait it out.  I'm just stating them.  I'm sure other people ran into similar things as well.  And Treyarch has a good rep with fixing their games so I'm sure work will be done on those things.

As for the game design, I don't want to say they're set in stone.  But those are pretty solid and decided.  And a lot of it I just don't agree with.  It is very much what you said about being red dot chasers.  And that part will change over time as people prestige and get the equipment they want.

But other factors such as the pick 10, a single scorestreak load out, and map design (I don't think they're that bad.  Just not very creative.), are not what I imagined this game to be.  The game itself seems very one dimensional and I think that was their intention.  Especially if they want to go this league route, I'm guessing they want to bump up the action.  But my impression is it feels forced.

Most likely, I'm in the minority here.  But I'm not one to say "I'm never playing this game again!"  I'll definitely be on and continue to give this game a try.

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Re: My take on BO2

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I could not have agreed more with the original posts.  I have discussed and viewed the EXACT same opinions with my friends after playing and getting to level 16.  I am never a big fan of weapon progression and working hard to get to an attachment only to find out you really don't like it when you put it on.  I have never been shot in the back so much in any cod game I have ever played.  This game is definetely geared to the run n gun playstyle is very very true.  I'm not a camper but I'm also not a run like a chicken with his head cut off either but with the maps being so generally small you don't have much option but to pick your smg and lightweight and run up the miles.  SMG usage has had to gone up by 50% from any other cod game.  Technical issues are technical issues and hopefully they will get sorted out but my top 3 complaints would be;

1)  When map sizes are small, spawning becomes an issue with having yourself or enemy spawn right on top of eachother which leads to A LOT of getting shot in the back.  I was not expecting the maps to be this small especially compared to black ops 1 which I felt had great map layout.

2)  Weapon progession is fine when done right.  I am on level 16 or something and I am still using the same weapons I started with with the exception of the Type 25.  It definetely seems like the pace for getting new items, especially weapons is slow, but maybe that's just for the first 20 levels.  I would much rather have you unlock red dot for instance and then be able to use the red dot on any weapon you have unlocked not just for that weapon. 

3)  As in every cod game its damned if you do and damned if you dont when it comes to opening up ports and having an open NAT type to have best matchmaking but if you do then you have the chance of becoming host and my god you will know right away when the guy you shot 3-4 times turns around has a cup of coffee, ties his shoe, and then finally returns fire killing you.  I think the community would do much better if the lag compensation for host was cut in half.  We should never and I mean never fear being host.

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