Massive lag issues making BO2 unplayable...

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Massive lag issues making BO2 unplayable...

Hello all,

This post is pretty much aimed at Activition/Treyarch but other members feel free to comment as you probably know where I am coming from.

At the moment all multiplayer game types are almost unplayable, something needs to be done about it!

So I am a UK resident with a decent ADSL connection (currently 16mbps down / 5mbps up) which is over the recommended specification of online gaming on the XBOX360. I have a Netgear router with the XBOX in the DMZ and ethernet connection (as recommended). However everyday I play this game I leave in frustration.

I will admit I am not the best online gamer however the all too frequent event of lag is really killing this game for me.

When I say lag I mean the following...

  • full mag unloads into players (while getting hit markers) then get killed, then I get to watch the kill cam which shows a complete different instance of what happened in the game.
  • Getting killed by people who are not even in my screen, again then watching the kill cam and they are clearly there.
  • Getting quick scoped by snipers when I was clearly in cover, however in the kill cam it shows me getting killed before I even get into the cover area.
  • Players sliding along the maps like some crazy MJ concert.
  • The list goes on (feel free to add your own instances below)...

Something I have noticed during the day 4 of 5 matches can go quite smoothly with minimum lag affects, however later on in the evening it gets worse (around 1 of 10) which annoyingly is the time I play. Now after speaking to other players in the lobby the majority are not local at all (even after selecting the best connection option in the lobby area).

If this is the case we need more options to choose local players rather than join players half way across the world! It would be great to have more control!

The connection bars are a load of rubbish at the best of times, the majority of players are competent computer/console users so why not give them more information on the connection status. Such as ping times and player regional information.

Now I do know from private parties (all players in close proximity, geographically speaking) we can play all night with 12 players and not experience what I would call 'bad lag'. You do get the odd weird event in game but its nothing that would put me off. So this is the reason I believe there is so much lag in random games I join, due to the poor player match making engine in BO2.

There are loads of threads on here complaining about lag and after watching a hand full of youtube videos I am pleased its not just me suffering, the idea in this thread is to get something constructive put together and then present it to Activision/Treyarch for implementation. With your support we could get this major problem fixed.

Youtube example:

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