Great Article with Vahn about balancing and player feedback.

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vahn is an idiot who doesnt even know what he is doing.. if he did then the multiplayer wouldn't be such a mess. i will hint that idiot a few points that need working on and lets see if the illiterate idiot can understand us because its being constanly said in every thread that mentions cod.

1. Lag Compensation - Every player with a good connection loses gun fighs.

2. Spawns - retardation and smoking cr*ck is a bad combination when developing.

3. Maps - small and bad layout make them bigger like cod4. stop making maps smaller than your pen1s.. it wont make you feel better

500 mill in 24 hours and you have a bunch of idiots developing cod lol

Protip insulting someone because your have an opinion is never a good idea

every player ? hmm i dont so what is that every player but me?

Nothing wrong with spawns they work exactly how vahn explained they would, only time you get dodgy spawns is when both teams are spread all over the maps

Maps are fine nice mixture of sizes and play styles covered.

Basically sparky your post is an opinion thats it.

I disagree with you. This game is a completely mess and it seems that it was developed by child minded adults with no brain & sense. The spawns are messed up; you kill somebody he spawns in your back or the whole team. I told Vahn 2 years ago, that they should develop a real time spawn engine for BO that it checks, that you spawn in safety and checks the opponents path not to be overrun by a run & gunner. He said that they have something similar, but in reality hadn't. Also the squad spawning is a huge problem, having Hell Storm on, you spawn and die instantly with your team mate. Getting multikills in this way is cheap.

The maps are worse when we start to compare the from COD2 to now on. The maps have no flow, too many covering obstacles/tons/bins in the way. Very good camping spots to take people out. For example the wall with the boxes next to the fountain on Slum. If you control these you'll win the game. Raven and Neversoft did a horrible job. There are many annoying things and faults with the game that won't write down because I could write a book about it and it would be a million seller.

and again opinions will vary, I can't say i have ever expereinced what you have bar the odd occasion as stated earlier greenies run into the other teams spawn areas and flip spawns.

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