Freezing PS3 / Lag compensation BLACK OPS 2 Fix now!!!!

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My PS3 is freezing because of BLACK OPS 2.  I have owned the game for 10 days and have already put it back in it's case with no intention of playing it until Activision informs customers of a fix.  Also, the lag compensation in multiplayer despite switching to "best" in the game search preferences, still sucks all of the enjoyment from the game for me.  I am unable to play at a high level due to the lag compensation.  I will be demanding a full refund for Black OPS 2 and will encourage the CoD community who are experiencing problems to do the same.  Activision cannot make millions of dollars by selling a game advertised as being realistic and up to speed that has so many known problems.  I smell a class action lawsuit around the corner....

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