Broken lag compensation returns.

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Elite-Rebel-XX wrote:

And No I did not Say, Go play another game and stop playing BO2..... I simply said, If you are having these issues then Go play something else for a while and wait for 3Arc to Fix Lag Comp,

Guys Black ops 1 was Fixed with patchs, Black ops 2 Already has patchs why on earth do you thing TREYARCH would not listen and fix its problems

and Vahn Has stated that Treyarch are fixing problems in Black ops 2, People Treyarch know whats going on It takes TIME Not Seconds it takes TIME!!!!!

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same thing here matey,i play on xbox and have a high speed internet but my direct shoots dont kill a damm thing and when im host i just quit game as no point playing !

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plain and simple.

you'd think with all the god damn money they've made they would at least make the game playable at launch BUT NOOO Lets just half ass it and screw the customer over

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Let them know you want this fixed:

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I can't believe it two in a row. Maybe this is as good as it gets?

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I had no issues in COD4/MW2/BO2, then lag comp in MW3 when host, and now its virtually unplayable whether I'm host or not while playing on 4 bar. Tonight I'll start playing around with different router settings, using an old modem directly and generally testing to see if anything works.

Discussions like this are important as it shows the devs that the issue is a lot more widespread than they might think and need to start by acknowledging that there is an issue which could then lead to a fix.

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Yup, there is definitely a problem with matchmaking somewhere along the lines here; when I get a good connection the game feels fantastic, but when the lag is against me it is actually worse than MW3, it needs fixed.

Also, Maccabix, while i respect you alot on what you have done so far with the elagaphant thread among others, you have to see the bigger picture here; surely you must reaise that just because you arent getting problems in this game, that the problems dont exist? that doesnt sound like you.

The fact of the matter is that many of us are experiencing the same or worse problems than what we had in MW3, and it is NOT due to routers etc, it is the game itself; I can jump on black ops 1 or even WaW and have great connections, yet this one is unplayable? surely you can see whre I and others are coming from?

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I can attest to this. It's AMAZING when it's on your side but when you get the short end of the stick, well, you might be buying a new controller if you know what I mean. Treyarch said that they designed the game with tweaking in mind, so hopefully they can help at least mediate the lob sided issues that occur through patches. It's only been a short while since launch so I will keep my faith in them to do the right thing.

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I hope they do something about it, but Treyarch are worrying me with how they made this game; to me, 3arc are, or used to be the more mature dev team, making sure everything is balanced, and nothing is so broken that it kills the game, but with this game they are acting like IW, or worse; making quickscoping so easy a child could do it for one, or pistols that are more powerful than some ARs, or even super quick, easy drop shotting; have you forgotten what the dolphin dive was made to counter in the first place Treyarch?

Vahns " i have stats so you are wrong" attitude is also bugging me; stats can be wrong you know.

I hope treyarch comes to its senses and realises this before it is too late, and we end up with two immature "oh thats cool, lets add it!"  dev teams that can't make a decent game to save themselves.

Anyway, rant over, but yes, I really hope this gets sorted, and i at least hope that they see what problems we are having.

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"or pistols that are more powerful than some ARs"

I noticed this too. I usually run a launcher because of air support and it's cool when you take out a bunch of players with a rocket. Brings me back to the Halo 1 days but unfortunately, they neutered the launchers big time. Hopefully they will tone down the pistols and bump up the launchers because other than shooting down spy planes, the launchers are useless.

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