Broken lag compensation returns.

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Has anyone tried creating a Static ip and Port forwarding?

The game was unplayable for me before doing this, getting shot round corners, insta-killed the lot. Now it plays like a charm.

Obviously you shouldn't have to do this but until they patch it and make the lag comp as it should be, I would strongly advise you at least try this.

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The inconsistency is shocking.  In one game I am in full on God mode and can rush into a 1v3 situation and take them all down with ease.  The very next game I can literally shoot at someone until it goes to the reload animation only to get killed with a pistol(this is an actual account... not hyperbole).

It is rage inducing and it makes me wonder why I actually paid to get this angry (again).

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I'm right with you on this pneumatic... How have been by the way? I have fired upon people getting hitmarker while they are reloading, only for them to go animation glitch and finish me.

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I've tried using Quickdraw Handle, Toughness, basically attachments/perks to get an advantage in gunfights but it ain't working for me.

I know killcams aren't good representation of showing lag but damn, it's like I don't fire any bullets onto some of these players and I'm just getting insta-killed.

My connection is solid as well, always 4 barring but against 3 bar players, I struggle to get the drop on them.

The connectivity is very inconsistant and really my ONLY big issue with BO2. Other than that, I still believe Treyarch did a great job with the game.

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I'm in WA state with 60mb cable internet and on comp games, constanstly pulling between 30-50ms.  West coast games on my computer I'm goin 15-25ms.

Is it just west coast that is getting hosed?  Played most of the day Saturday and not one time was I full bar in any room.  I am playing alone on some of those games and searching for "BEST" and still getting 3 bars, sometimes 2.  This is just nuts that after this long in the Call of Duty series they still can't fix this. 

Patch better fix latencies, SOUNDS (which are the most cartoonish I have ever seen and can't hear people running around you) and spawn issues.  Seriously how can Halo 1 not have spawn killing issues but 10 games into the Call of Duty series we still have issues of people spawning 2 feet behind you?

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yes its there, i noticed.

but it was very noticable in teh final killcam when it is from you. a FFA match in... the nukelure powerplant level controling a AGR. i went down teh stairs started to turn, and looked the other way, right when i started to look away someone came around the corner so i turned back and shot him. in the final killcam he was halfway across the room when i started to look and it made it look as if i was blind till he almost past me.

sofar this game feels like a mix of BO and MW3 lagcomp with slightly smarter games bieng picked. 

note to all online games. IF YOU WANT A SUCCESSFUL LAG COMP BALANCING SYSTEM YOU NEED SLOW KILLING GUNS. << that allows for the game to fegure out who fired first, who hit, ect. before the person would have been killed. with quick killing guns then you need to settle for MW2 or similar., whoever has good connection has teh advantige, those with bad have lag.

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i feel everyones pain.  i have hovered around a 2 kd in every cod game i played(and those only because i mess around a lot lol), but on this game i struggle to break even half the time.  it's gotten to the point where i have to shoot early around a corner to try to get ahead of the lag comp.  no matter what gun or setup i try it doesnt matter.   it's completely random, one game i do my custome 2 kd game, then i can't win a single fire fight.  i have friends irl that i know and they know are not that good at shooter games who have higher kd then i do.  me and my boy who are good players where looking forward to this game for a long time, but both of us are actually considering not playing.  im stubborn so im going to keep playing for a bit, but if i continue to have to fight and claw just to break even for much longer, i dont know, i might have to move on.  in older cod games i would have fun and mess around with things like shooties or sheilds launchers things like that to just have fun and not worry about my kd cause i would just make it up later, but i cant even do that cause its a struggle with the regular weapons.  please do something guys, i have been so fustrated with this game i actually broke my turtle beach headset, never broke a gaming device in anger in my many years of playing multiplayer, so congrats bo2, you broke my rage induced breaking of  gaming paraphernalia cherry. lol

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I watched a woodys gamertag video and he said set your search preferences to "best". This doesn't completely remove the problem but it means you get less laggy games. I tried it and it helps.

My connection must be decent, because my nat is always open and I normally have a 4 bar connection.

This problem needs to be patched.

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You know whats really telling of the situation is I watched that woody video 2 days after launch and noticed he had 230 pages of youtube comments. You know there is serious issues when a youtube video has that many hits and comments in only 2 days of the game being out. Do the devs have anything to say about this? Wheres their Ghandi?

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And they STILL haven't even acknowledged the issue even though I've seen numerous people report it. My guess is that they don't want to admit the game is this broken in the fear of losing potention customers = $$$. Because of this I also think they're not going to fix it. If there was a fix incoming, they wouldn't be ignoring us.

Warning to anyone thinking of buying this game in the hopes that it'll be any better than the broken-to-the-core MW3 was: It's not. It's the same lag comp BS where the only thing that decides the winner of a gun fight is the broken netcode.

Devs, could you give us your thoughts regarding this issue. Are you working on a fix?

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