Broken lag compensation returns.

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Black Ops 2 has the same BS netcode that MW3 has. I'm getting insta-killed around corners. Shooting half a clip into someone only to get one shotted by his SMG. Etc etc. Most lobbies are unplayable. In every lobby there's one or more players running around in god mode.

Skill is not a factor in this game. The only thing that determines the winner of a gun fight is the broken netcode.


Edit: I have a quality, low latency net connection, so obviously it's the good connections that get the disadvantage, as was the case in MW3.

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Not much to discuss this needs fixed ASAP!

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Buy better internet. or worse internet depending which side of the fence you reside

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I liked it better when the best advice was buy better internet.

Worse internet should never be an option to improve performance. =/

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The only suggestions I have for you is:

1. Try playing with smaller group of people or at least a group that are in your immediate region.  This helped me a ton.

2. Make sure the host is selecting Local only option when searching.

3. Competitive modes.  They seem to be a bit less of a disaster when it comes to matchmaking, but when they are bad, you are right, there is no competition, it is all based on connection.

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The thing is I never had a problem with lag comp in MW3 and yet my internet speed is above average. This is the first CoD where I'm really experiencing loads of problems

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actually I thinks is better tham MW3. If your speed is good like 20mb+ you shouldn't have a problem. In mw3 all you have to do is pick games that are <50 ms ping. Anything above that and your gonna get clipped. In BO 2 I saw everyone with full bars and I was down to like 2 then I realized all you gotta do is set the preferences to "best" only connections. Haven't had a problem since. Lag compensation is just a way to average everything out so you dont own players with shitty connections.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. Go learn how internet connection works and then you can discuss. First of all bandwidth is not speed.

Even 512Kb/s is good enough to play online, so stop bulls#@$ about 20+ Mb/s ok?

What determines a good quality game is PING, lower is better, everything around 100ms and above is lag.

Also the problem is with the game itself. I got 3-4 bars in BO2, so it means the ping is 100-200ms = Lag. But when I play BF3 or older Call of Dutys like CoD4 on PC I have ping around 30ms, which means there is no lag at all for me (Guess why? Because they have dedicated servers).

It is not connection, it is the GAME!

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Tried it again today, still lag comped hard.

It also seems that this game the same problems detecting the NAT type. I removed my port forwardings but the game still claims my NAT type is Open. Same shit happened in MW3. Both MW2 and BO always reported my NAT type correctly and immediately reflected the changes I made to my router configuration.

Oh and the game froze my PS3 again. What a disaster. Embarrassing for Treyarch.

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Same here. Getting insta-killed hard. Ive found using toughness in this situation is a must if you stand a chance. I imagine we are all getting flinch before we even fire. This needs to be fixed asap or this game is going to be shelved faster than mw3. I know kill cams arent a true representation but its so frustrating shooting first and dieing first only to see yourself looking like a dumba-- not even firing. When I do see myself firing in the kill cam it always appears im firing where the player was like I just have sh-- aim. Always pulling 4 bars 5 down 1 up on cable. Nat open, live in Ohio and can ping the west coast in under 40ms. Lobby search preference set to best. I see lobbies where everyone is pulling 4 bars and this is still happening. Something seriously wrong with the game that match making isnt going to fix.

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