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Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

Hey guys this is my Black Ops Killstreak Rewards that I want to see in Black Ops 2. Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

Assault Killstreaks

3 - UAV

4 - Care Package

5 - Sentry Gun

5 - Predator Missile

7 - Attack Helicopter

7 - Stealth Bomber

IW's idea of putting this in the Support category in MW3 was ridiculous. It should belong in the 7 tier, because the value is pretty much the same with Attack Helo. My Attack Helos usually get me 3-4 kills and the Stealth Bomber is about the same in this regard. The Attack Helicopter can probably get more kills than the Stealth Bomber if the enemy team is really bad, so I think the Stealth Bomber is pretty good being worth 7 kills.

8 - Emergency Airdrop

C-130 flying in and dropping 4 Care Packages.

9 - MQ9 Reaper

9 - Strafe Run

Same as MW3 except will make 4 passes across the map before leaving. Armed with 1 flare. The MW3 was too weak and could be evaded and shot down too easily.

10 - Quadra-rotor

Remote control, like the recon drone from MW3. Armed with submachine gun and a grenade launcher.

12 - AC130

12 - V22 Osprey

Same function and concept as the Pave Low except different aircraft and name. The Pave Low has already retired and replaced in the US Armed Forces by the Osprey. The Osprey will function exactly the same as Pave Low, flying around the map with the AI targeting enemies.

15 - F22 Raptor

Don't know if you guys remember the mission in MW3 campaign where Price is assaulting the African villa and you control Nikolai's helicopter. F22 would be almost the same. It would make 3 passes around the map in a wide circle. It will circle the map once then fly off the map, turning around to circle the map again, circling for 3 times.

The Raptor's armaments would include a minigun/gatling gun (as in the real-life Raptor) and missiles. The minigun would be able to shoot through thin cover (weak buildings) with the minigun. Of course to be fair, the Raptor will fly around very fast, so the Raptor gunner would need to be quick and efficient if he wants to score kills. The Raptor won't be able to be targeted by launchers.

18 - F35 Lightning

Similar to the Osprey Gunner from MW3, except when calling one in, it will airstrike a target before beginning to hover (like a Harrier from MW2). It is capable of firing missiles, but won't drop care packages like the MW3 Osprey Gunner. 2 flares will be equipped and the F35 will also attempt evasive action. Difficult to shoot down with lock-on launcher, but prone to gun damage.

Support Killstreaks

4 - UAV

5 - Counter UAV

5 - SAM turret

5 - Airdrop Trap

6 - Ballistic Vest

8 - Advanced Goggles

Airdrop a 6-pack of Advanced Goggles. They offer two modes. One mode is similar to the Thermal Sight except you can toggle on/off. The second mode is a "Scanner." You can scan through buildings for heat signatures. Heat will be registered as red. You won't see exact outlines of enemies, so the Scanner mode is not affected by any perk (like Assassin). However, you can't use a weapon while in Scanner mode. You will lose the Goggles when you die.

10 - Recon Quadra-rotor

Similar to Assault version, except will only tag enemies. Will also be able to launch flash grenades, separated by a 8 second reload time.

12 - Remote Sentry

14 - Precision Airstrike

Same as MW2 and MW3 versions. Does not disorient enemies who are near/evaded the blast.

18 - Escort Airdrop

20 - EMP

20 - Recon Juggernaut (Riot Shield, Scavenger, Pistol)

20 - Tactical Squad

Airdrop 3 AI-controlled allies equipped with Riot Shields. Squad members will assault enemies and provide defense. They are not equipped with guns, but do have one flashbang and 500 health (equivalent to half a Juggeranut armor). If they score a kill, the kill counts toward the person who called them in.

Okay guys, thanks for reading! I hope you liked it, leave your own ideas, comments or suggestions below. =)

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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I would take EMP out of the Support Category. It just seems a bit OP since 6-9 people can use it in a game.

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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Very true on how 6-9 people can use it in a game. When I first bought the game, my friends and I created a clan called "Anonymous." We would only use UAV, CUAV, and EMP. The instant one EMP was gone, we'd call in another one. The enemy team was completely incapable of calling in any killstreak rewards. Those without Assassin Pro went without radar the whole game.

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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Don't give a Juggernaut a pistol, Riot Shield only for support.

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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I'd be better to let them have a pistol since the Juggernaut Recon is basically a Shittier version of the already Shitty Assaut Juggernuts. They can easily be killed and without the Pistol then their just like a regular player with a Riot Shield and no Ammo in their gun.

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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will all these killstreaks stack up like in MW3? other than that, all the killstreaks sound badass!!!!

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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Strafe run should not have flares.Because the 5 heli's combined will have 5 sets of flares. Than it will be to hard to destroy.
And to easy to destroy. If the enemy has members that will shoot down airsupport and know you to do it maybe. But most people won't shoot it down.

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Re: Black Ops 2 Killstreaks!

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I'd like to see Attack Dogs again i would

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