youtube theatre quick guide (&Q)

Black Ops II Xbox 360


1: Go to options and select the one to link black ops to your youtube account

2: Write down the code it gives you then log into your google/youtube account on your computer & select devices then input the code you got on your xbox. It will tell you that black ops is asking for permissions, click yes to give it access.

3: In theatre mode cherry pick the bits of a film you want to upload then merge all the clips you chose, save and exit back to the theatre menue.

4: Select film, go down to edited films and chose the one you just made to load it up.

5: Select render & it will upload the film to codtv & youtube

(that's how I understand it, is this correct because it says it has uploaded to codtv okay but it doesn't go to my youtube account & when I try to re-link youtube & black ops [in case I hadn't done it right] google is still giving me the success message but black ops on the xbox is still giving me an error message...Did I miss a step or is this a common error?)

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