your xbox set up

Black Ops II Xbox 360

emerson 19" on my desk (which is the one i use the most) and LG 55" for the living room


a white one

halo3 special edition

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50 inch samsung HD

Comcast internet (not sure of ups/downs)

Regular XBOX Controller

Regular old white XBOX that I got when COD4 was first out (60 gig I think)

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First post... Gotta start somewhere

55" Vizio LED

32" Vizio Sound Bar


Chrome wireless controller I won on a COD twitter sweeps (True Story)

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I'm rocking a 24 inch sony HD tv with an Xbox slim 4gb and a 64gb usb stick. My internet is nothing to write home about but it's the best I can get in my area without spending an arm and a leg, it's 18mbps down and 1mbps up.

As far as my controller I'm rocking a brand new standard Xbox360 controller I bought just for Black Ops 2, I also rock an FPS Freek on my right analog stick. And last but not least I use Turtle Beach x11's.

So far I love my setup, which I've used since Black Ops 1.

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in reply to skippinglobster

Yeah, I won't even play without my FPS Freek on the right stick. Feels too weird playing without it now.

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46" Vizio LCD

30/4 which tests out to 27/4.5

The mw3 Xbox. I think it's 320gb

The controllers that came in the box

I guess I could add headset to setup

TB XP400 and Astro a40 wireless.

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1. 40" and a very close sofa

2. 50/50

3. MW3 wireless job

4. Slim 250

5. X41's


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50" Panasonic Plasma

Dont know I use campus internet and the ping I get from sites isnt true

The old Fat black with an old wore down black  controller

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1. 60" HD Plasma

2. 15/1

3. Scuff wired

4. Slim 250

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samsung 20" 10000:1 dtv monitor connected via hdmi

60mbps down 10+ up

original wired pad from my first ever 360 with my thumbprint worn down into the rubber of the left thumbstick

slim 250gb

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