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Re: yer kidn right?

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IMO all stats don't matter.

Great players can have low stats as well because they just goof around a match or you get bad games because you want diamond camo's with very difficult weapons.

When I went for my gold shield teh drop in K/D was huge.

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Re: yer kidn right?

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true, i am workin on the ballastic knives, u know how hard it is to run up on someone when they just pray and spray?! lol

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Re: yer kidn right?

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play stick n stones ?

such an easy workaround when ur doing the ballistic as everyone will be using the same

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Re: yer kidn right?

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My KD is sooooo bad. But when I do die... bet your @$$ your name will be called out and where u are.  To me that is way more valuable than what your stats are.  Some how and some way my friend, you will die. Whether by me or a teammate.

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Re: yer kidn right?

That is exactly why my w/l is higher than my k/d. I play team to win, period...

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