worst customer service EVER

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worst customer service EVER

so i decided to actually call activision to voice my complaints about the game. first, they are currently hammered with 100 calls in queue and a pretty hefty wait time. the point of me posting is for two things 1. im pissed & this will make me feel slightly better, and 2. to let any of you who are planning on calling know what you may get in the form of customer service (or lack thereof)

once i got someone, i straight up said im really calling to voice my complaints about the playability of the game and my immediate response i get is 'well right off the bat, we cannot refund your money' (which was fairly expected but not really what i had asked for so its clear they have been getting a lot of requests). and then asks what about the game is it that i have complaints about. so i give him my list being QS, ridiculously stupid spawning and constantly being lagged which pretty much makes this a completely unplesant game to play. what im after really is getting my complaints heard to not only devs but managers & execs that are in charge of handling customer service issues really...

here is the rest of the conversation:

him: well, you really need to voice your complaints on the forum where the devs can see the information, i can make notes about it, but there isnt anything i can do about it"

me: okay, well what mechanism do you have to field complaints and get them to the devs? you have to have some way of getting the information YOU get and getting it to THEM right?

him: no, there is no way to do that and really, you're wasting your time right now

me: (sounding a bit skeptical of this answer) so... you're telling me that a technology firm has no way to get information from someone calling in on the phone to anyone?

him: you need to go to the forum to complain

me: okay, well, thats not a great answer, let me speak with a supervisor then

him: no (not just i cant, not just they're super busy, no offer for a call back or anything just flat no)

me: that is the worst customer service response i have ever heard in my life

him: well, thank you for calling have a great day (followed by the click as he hung up on me).

now, i do realize that its actually activision im calling... but its their name on the title and its their call center and their rep on the phone. activision: you are the absolute worst company i have ever dealt with when it comes to handling customer service issues. and i have dealt with some pretty bad companies before.

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Re: worst customer service EVER

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Its only a game m8, dont get annoyed lifes too short.

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Re: worst customer service EVER

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OP has apparently never been to Walmart.

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Re: worst customer service EVER

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That would have really pissed me off. I thought about calling a time or two because I am unable to play on-line with this lag comp bull crap. Quickscopers are rediculouis, spawns are pretty bad, but this lag comp is by far the worst ever. If I am lucky enough to get a kill, it takes an entire clip to take somebody down on that game, and most of the time I fall over dead from that enemy with no shots being fired on screen. Then on the kill cam shows me not firing a single shot, but him taking me down instantly. I bought the hardened edition and now I regret it. I have always loved the COD series and never had too many complaints about any of them. MW3 at times was hard to play because of the lag comp but it was playable, this just plain sucks. I bought a product that I cant even play on-line unless I play zombies. I should be able to play what I paid for. Props to you for taking the time to call and waiting to speak to someone.

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Re: worst customer service EVER

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OP.....You need to read your post and understand just how ridiculous it was. The game has been out a week. Treyarch will fix the game they always have. Lag comp has been around for 3 games now, maybe you should have held off on your purchase.

Despitre the current issues I am enjoying the game and know that it will only get better.

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Re: worst customer service EVER

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Really dude? I think it is in Treyarch hands to sort your problems.

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Re: worst customer service EVER

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I've read your post and while I can't speak for Customer Service I'd like to weigh in on what exactly you did there.

You called Customer Support to complain about a play style, a feature of the game that can possibly be tweaked by the developers and an actual issue that might have justified the call. Of the three, two of them are best suited for the forum. The latter of the three could have been handled quite well, but I don't necessarily know what you said or how you voiced your issue of "being lagged."

This is akin to calling 911 because you disagree with how you feel about the current meeting and methods used by your neighborhood watch. Sure you can complain to them, but their purpose is to handle technical and support issues. Not to be a place for you to voice your complaints because you've convinced yourself that the developers do not listen on the forum.

I'm also going to take the time to lock this thread. The "transcript" you provided has little to no support or verifiable source. If you had a bad call, then I suggest that you complain right afterward next time. That said, if and only if you're actually seeking support and not looking to offer feedback which rightfully belongs on the forum.

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