why is this the onyl response to lag?

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You've been around long enough to know why we remove repeated topics. You've also been around long enough to know that we remove repeated content when we find it.

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we have also been around long enough to know when you guys are dodging something you know you cant fix, or dont want to drop an extra penny to fix, yet dont want to admit it. this isnt our first game and forums, activision/blizzard have taught us a lot of things

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  1. We're moderators not developers. It's not our task to answer the community about when things are going to be done or if they are going to be done. We don't have that kind of internal connection of information.
  2. We aren't dodging anything. We're simply enforcing rules that small portions of the community feels they can break because they feel that they are justified in doing so. It's a natural clashing point.
  3. The user in question was asking why we were removing repeated content. He's been here long enough to know that repeated content is removed. Much gets throught the cracks and stagnates longer than it should, but that's simply the way things go. This is outlined in our Black Ops 2 Community Etiquette & Guidelines. Those are the rules. The particular rule has been a rule since forums began. It's simply forum 101.

If the argument is that the consumer has a right to voice their opinion, then the response is "yes, yes you do." The only condition is that you do so in alignment with our rules. There have been plenty of threads that covered just about every argument point about lag. From best practices/equiptment to quibbles about semantics that last 10+ pages. It's all there, you need only search.

As for lag there are knowledge base articles that we can point you to. If you need it, then feel free to contact me for it or you can search for it on the Activision Customer Support portal.

I'm locking this because it's off topic.

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