who here hates fresh start?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Ok I have ZERO sympathy. Dude they ask you like FIVE times

"Are you sure you want to do this, this will completely reset all game stats"

I did it myself after I had learned the maps a bit and wanted a fresh start.

I mean they ask over and over "are you sure"

You should have gotten the clue when they asked over and over again.

It was pretty obvious, it's not the developers fault you just button mashed through all their warnings.

That's on you.

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You know it asks you like 4 TIMES "Are you sure?" (you'll start over).

At the time, you were really really really sure.

Too bad the calling card for doing it looks so cheap

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I actually liked using it.. However, I could care less about the diamond or onyx or iridium guns or whatever the hell everyone tries to get.  It's pointless to me personally.  I just played awhile, got better, had a mediocre win/loss and K/D and reset the stats.  I did, however, read all 4 of the warning screens before doing it and knew what I was getting into.

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l know someone who has reset there stats about 4 times now in hopes of getting a good K/D and every time K/D 0.83 haha I told stop wasting your time & just play being good isn't for everybody.

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gamerdude18 wrote:

anyone here hate fresh start besides me? i prestieged 2days ago and reset my stats i thought it was just for kd spm win loss ratio now i cant play at all, i got diamond smgs 3 days ago..... i called support 10 mins after i got to rnk 4 i lost all my stuff and i cant get my stats and rank restored. i was looking forward to the peacekeepe but now tht doesnt matter im not gnna play im done with bo 2 **** activison and bo 2, i worked so hard for diamond smgs it took forever this sucks, why the hell is reset stats in this game? to me its like activison gave me the middle finger to not play anymore and it worked. have fun playing this ****** up call of crap lol

See you on the new maps next week.

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....... wth. Im not playing bo 2 anymore so i wont see you or anyone on the new maps <.< lol

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