when host bail out!!!!!!!! no chance

Black Ops II Xbox 360

If your the host your bringing a fork to a gun fight!!! I have a 10 mb/s upload speed and the only way i can not be host is to join in the middle of a game, and by the next game i will most likeley be the host if it hasn't migrated to me during that game. What ever treyarch has done to this game makes it inpossible to win a gun fight when your the host half the time im dead before their on my screen . this just causes me to leave any game that has a host migration cause 95% of the time it goes to me. You shouldnt be punished for have a good speed to internet to host your game treyarch. till this is fixed i will continue to leave everytime. and it will be migration after migration.!!! what a load of crap good job trey arch

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While I agree you have a great upload speed you need to remember the speeds are only a small part of the equation. You need to note what your ping is and packet loss. Either way, host does have a disadvantage and it seems to become worse the better your connection. I upgraded my equipment (Router, Modem) today and all seems better but we shall see.

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