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this game aint broken, it the people who play the game that makes it so bad like it is now.

Lag aint a big enough deal like most people make it out to be .

taget finder i use it only on LMG's the best guns in the game , it dosen'tget you kill's it find's people who are head glitching thats about it and fun to use if your DEFENING not camping.

sniping is abit crap , all they need to do is put the ADS more longer and that dexterity away from sniper's. the whole rapid fire sniper's  is bullshit but we cant do anythign about that.

handguns are alittle annoying yes but handguns do ADS faster than a smg dose so if the guy useing a handgun aims first smg guy is dead .

aim assist problem ... turn iit off .

maps some are awesome but i cant stand small maps like hijack but i love standoff , they made this game black ops 2 to cater to smg userf only with 1 or 2 sniper friendly maps RARE.

....sorry about spelling n hope grammar is ok , im crap at that stuff ......

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