the mysteries of FMJ and Long Barrel

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Now, when you equip fmj to your weapon, it shows the damage bars go up, but under the attachment description, it states that it " increase damage when shooting through objects. does fmj only help with shooting through objects? or does it increase bullet damage all together..

Also for Long Barrel, does this attachment help for hip firing? or does it just help when ADS.

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FMJ just increases bullet penetration.  Long Barrel just increases bullet range.  This is it.

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They do need to explain these things better...should you go by description or by charts showing damage, accuracy, etc???

Also now that there is change with smgs and stock attachment what is the point of even offering this as an attachment? 

Thanks for those who can clarify.

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They didn't even change that much with the stock.  The problem was that you moved faster when ADSing than Hipfiring.  I am glad they fixed it.

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Honestly, don't put too much stock in the stats they show in game. I have found that its much more about how a weapon feels than anything else.

Long Barrel just extends the range a weapon can achieve Maximum Damage at.

FMJ is simply for shooting through materials, doesn't really effect the damage.

I find that experimenting with the weapons and finding the right combo that works for you is the best thing to do.

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