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that gun needs to get some recoil or something, i only seem to be killed by it. and most of the time its like across map, its like an auto sniper with no recoil, its pinpoint accurate. the pistols have more recoil then that gun does. i have been killed by a mtar almost 800 times the next closest one is the mp7 at 500. i feel something needs to be done to the weapon. im not a bad player by any standards but i just can never seem to beat that gun

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Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

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Good. It's supposed to be good at range. Now lets make smgs not be able to beat an assault rifle across the map.

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and now lets make assault rifles not be able to beat a sniper rifle across the map.

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I kinda like beating snipers across the map with my pistol

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I'm sure you've tried the MTAR in your loadouts.

For me, it's a mixed bag for me as far as getting good accuracy. But the MTAR is the FIRST weapon you get when starting out with the game. So it's pretty obvious that the MTAR will be most widely used and in time... is pretty deadly with skilled hands.

I tend to prefer the M27 with a grip attachment... or if I'm really desperate for kills the SCAR-H.

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it just pisses me off when im across the map with my m8 putting 2-3 burst into a kid and he just puts 4-5 shots with the mtar in my chest and i die first, even when i hit him first his gun doesnt recoil just seems to stay on target but whne i get it im shooting for the stars

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If you increase the recoil of that you have to do it across the whole boad, also the weapon choice itself is not because its OP or anything its just first to be unlocked and most people have more unlocked for it so they continue to use it, also as a note if you want a full-auto sniper I recommend the MK48 with V-Zoom,

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