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Try playing TDM. You dont have to collect tags. See, no more tag thieves.

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camping is much more prevelant in tdm from my experience

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KC is an onjective game. I'm not going to get mad unless someone dolphin dives in front of me to get my tag, and I certainly will forget it instantly. If it happens alot, I'll go play another part of the map and leave the lobby after the game.

They should have a third color for tags. It should be blue, and award 50 points for confirming a teammate's kill. You're still contributing to the objective, but not getting as many points as if you had done the job yourself.

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I understand your frustration although don't quite get the issue. If really concerned, why don't you switch to your pistol or if second slot empty, knife to get your tags with increased mobility?

Like you, I am a KC master. Some rounds I intentionally let others collect my tags. Why? If they aren't that hot it helps them get their killstreaks. Otherwise it always seems to even out, I get some of theirs they get some of mine on distance kills. Not to mention, user controlled killstreaks leave tags everywhere and I'd rather my teammates lend a helping hand on that front too.

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Thanks better responses. People now understand it was when the tags are infront of me. If i was a good walk awy not an issue. It annoys me when its within 5 steps it annoys me. Maybe ill try mic with people

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I personally have no preference if i collect others/others collect mine.

The point of the game is a team win is it not?

I can certainly understand peoples frustrations in getting the kill but not grabbing the tags but there are so many snipers/campers etc who don't collect tags. If it helps your team get scorestreaks to win the game then im all for it.

The point of grabbing tags when the other player is close is borderline for me - i have done it but only when im in one of those tunnel vision moments and doing the headless chicken but as i mute all and dont run a mic it looks like i just simply dont care and the break in concentration for that split second normally results in my own demise anyway.

Any sort of revenge TK is just going to contribute to a kick later or lose any focus you may have on achiving a greater score by getting so wound up not collecting tags/chasing teammate, plus chasing tags does tend to get you killed alot more, i am drawn to my own team tags with the knowledge someone is about and i can try for the kill.

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It's a team based game. I hate when people complain about this.

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We understand the that its a team game. But why do two players need to run for the same tags? 9/10 times both players are killed. Especially in HC KC.

I dont have an issue if i am 20m ft away and another team mate is 5ft away from the tags. That is understandable. Its when you watch your teammate get the kill and then run next to him racing him for his tags. That i dont get

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i have recently started playing HC KC, I'm team player, they grab mine thats fine, but like you, when i am running to grab my tags why do you need to run and grab them as well. Then they dive to steal them. just crazy sometimes.

It makes me like its black Friday when everyone is pushing to get the last TV.

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BTW ... I think the reason tags get grabbed a lot of times is simply because the other player does not see you. It may look on your screen like they see you, but that's often not the case.

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