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i mostly use a lmg so running to grab tags isnt the best thing to do so i basically just rack up kills and let my team do the running about after the tags but if it gets to the point where my team are to lazy to grab them i usually change to a smg class and try to grab them myself

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Not gonna lie i run and gun with an lmg so im usually always close quarter. But when i do long range firing then yeah, i leave em and slowly make my way there

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It is not often I will agree with banned ... but here he is correct. LMGs are support weapons, not RnG weapons. If you're using LMGs because of the challenges, then don't worry about collecting tags.

Which is part of why I don't care who collects the tags, just collect the damm things.

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I just hate getting 50xp for a kill and 100xp for the tag it should be the other way around. They I wouldn't care if everyone steals tags

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If your team weren't supposed to pick up your tags in the game it would be either impossible to do or there would be no points, as has been mentioned above this is a team game.

I love LMGs but using one to run and gun in a game where you need to be quick doesn't make sense, you either shoot long range and leave them for your team or you change your gun.

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Why? I fan run and gun well with lmgs so why should i chnge it. If im next to my tag then the simple point being dont steal the tag. And yeah its a team game bit tbh unless in a party, the randoms are more harmful than help in a vast majority of cases. But its simple matter, if i agreed with you lot then you would still go against what i say. I tested that out on mw3 forums and it was true. Forum lurkers will usually always disagree with op just to disagrree

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KC seems to be the only game type where people complain about their team playing the objective. It's very strange to me, like people accusing you of stealing kills. Just a pretty weird thing to complain about to me.

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Since I typically run and gun in HC KC this is how I handle taking someones tags.  If I see a tag and don't see that person running for it, I go for it.  If, after grabbing the tag I see that him or one of his clan members has tried to pick it up I will then flip on my mic and apologize for taking a tag that they were going for.  At this point you usually get one of three responses: A) no worries, grab my tags, because if I'm close I'm going to grab yours because we're trying to win, B) fair enough, but try not to do it again, or C) get shot, haha.  Most of the time I get the 'A' response, though.

The one thing I find a little hard to believe is 'people only grabbing your tags.'  Maybe it's a core thing, I don't know, but i've got over 15,000 kills and 13,000 confirms in HC KC and I can honestly say I've never once watched a player only collect other peoples tags and leave theirs alone, haha. 

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The choice to play long range has it's price in Kill Confirmed. That's just the nature of the objective. There are other game types if you don't want teammates to "COLLECT" your tags.

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I cover other players to allow them to grab their earned tags and often I side step tags if I've turned up late to a battle and see a few littered about that someone else is collecting. I tend to rack up enough kills and collections per match to not concern myself with a few stolen tags because ultimately it means we're that much closer to the win. And if my own teammates are that desperate to grab mine well their need must be greater.

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