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Im jusy confused how you have 220+ posts and 3500+ points and 5 stars? The hell?

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A booster, hit him with a stick!

Just kidding, this could come from many of those helpful question points you can get if you give a good answer to a question.

But he had to give many damn good answers in order to get 5 stars!

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225 posts times 4 points a piece( assuming they were all correct answers) wpuld still only give him 1000 points, not 3500+.  maybe a glitch?

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I feel your pain on this one. When I get a kill at semi close distance I don't want to race the guy running around with his pistol to my tag. I usually will side step someone elses tag if I see them going for it. Problem with racing for tags is it gets you killed. Instead of checking both ways you have to run out there to grab a tag. I think the solution is concussion grenades for those that like to steal tags. That will slow them down enough that I can look both ways before crossing the streets. I like to use scavenger so I will have plenty to go around.

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I run around like an idiot picking up everyone's tags in HCKC.  This play style allows me to go 13-26 (victory), 22-23 (victory), 22-25 (victory), 19-13 (victory), 16-24 (defeat).  But I always play for the win. 

I appreciate those players who are better than I am because they generate the tags.  My role on the team is to be the sacrificial lamb who picks up the "sloppy sceonds".  That's why I use lower point pointstreaks like UAV, it helps out the team.

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i am greatful for players like you, tbh. as much as i run n gun, i get killed quite often before i can get to a lot of my tags. then again, when you normally get more than 40-50 kills a game, its easy to be generous. shrug

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You are just being selfish. I'm sure you have no problem picking up tags from your team mates kills. If you avoid them, then you are just hurting your team. I pick up tags wherever and whenever I see them. I expect my team mates to do the same.

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I don't understand. Lol. You are complaining because someone else grabs your tag. You are running with a LMG! If you don't want that to happen, then change your class. How hard is that?

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I run a pistol on HC so that I can run and collect the tags. I'm trying to win, sorry if I grab your tags...

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RIght lets clear a few things up. It annoys me when i am near my tags, blatently on my wy to grab them then they are stolen. Not if im far away or not able to get them or dont want them. Its when they outrun you on purpose. Understand?

If i see friendly tags, ill check to see if they are coming for them, if so i defend the friendly.

I play kc cos i have completed every game mode except snd as i have never liked it.

I am playing for my own self achievement, idc what others think about my stats its what i like to achieve personally.

I have good forum points cos i was n active and helpful member on mw3 forums. I probably wont bother on these ones since youtube has more constructive posting. In fact the "first comment" answer would have been more help than most responses.

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