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So you need the points for what?

The higher spm? Playing for stats doesen´t make fun...

I myself like to play kill confirmed for only one reason: points points points.

Some day when I ever have the time to reach prestige master I will switch to tdm or any other mode I played less then kill confirmed. That´s would you should do, look for new challenges.

It´s the only solution to avoid this problem.

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I have been there and done that, now that I use more ARs over SMGs, I find that I am not getting to as many tags as I used to because I am killing at a greater distance.  I normally don't care if a teammate grabs tags, in fact I don't care who gets them as long as they are not the red guys. When I win a gunfight and a player sees me going for that tag and races me to it just for the points it is a bit annoying though. 

You just have to remind yourself that you (me too) put yourself in that position of being less mobile in order to have that longer range dominance over the enemy.  A sniper can be very helpful for a team in KC by holding a position, but he won't be getting a ton of tags himself.  That is why some people consider snipers to be selfish in KC, since they usually have a hard time getting to the objective.

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Valid post and appreciated. Personally i use lmgs to spray enemy team down easily and they arent bad. When i snipe i ill get a couple of kills and go for the tags. Im a almost selfish objective player admittingly. I will do what i need to try ensure a win. The vast majority of tag stealers are the worst players who only actually get a couple of tags i find. Ive even seen them leave theirs to take someone elses. Maybe im just too fussy lol

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I completely understand your pain, if I had left the tags then sure pick them up, but stealing.

It's like, stop being a tramp and earn your own, its like someone scoring and you celebrating, you did nothing.

Before people say its team based, I'm talking when they literally steal them, they purposely try to outrun you, it's disgusting, sponging off the team.

I'm all for that delay dude, it would actually solve the issue. Kudos!

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For your defense because a lot of people are stating something like... Don't whine because they got your tags and you could not get your scorestreaks...

Just for the other peopel that think that way.

Why do you think they steal the tags? For there own damn streaks.

most of them don't car for the win they just want the scorestreaks so they snatch your tags.

It's annoying as hell.

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You get points even if someone gets your tag. Most of the time the tag goes away if you are controlling a dragonfire. So I'm all for everyone getting tags that they see. I am worried about the Win. If we all get all the tags we see then both people get points. It's a win win situation. It may not be the full amount of points you would get if you yourself got the tags but some points are better than none!

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The person who gets someone else's tags shouldn't get more than the person who got the kill, other than that it's just annoying when someone DIVES or sprints passed you to steal your tag... If I'm not going for the tag then get it by all means but don't intentionally take one you see me going for.

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this is the real problem with the game

hero pointwhoring and getting mad because your teammate beat you to a tag that you aren't 100% sure going to get

stick to non-objective games like tdm

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Apparently last 2 posters didnt read thread properly so i wont waste time responding. Dweez hit the nail on the head tbh. You can argue but every point can be looked at as selfish on every front. I play objective for something to do other than shoot people. Objectives are more fun and better exp/score. I just had a few rounds of leaving tags to friendlies. Less than half the tags were acknowledged. Its almost as if they only want tags when you want them.

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what exactly didn't we read properly? you're mad because people steal your tags. get over it or play a different game type.

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