so this update-.-

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Yay! They nerfed my favorite attachment and buffed the guns I hate the most. Awesome!

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well ive just  30 good games without any lag on this update asb4 i was laging so bad

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The SMGs never needed a nerf in the first place. They are hitmarker machines. Against shotguns they are useless... against a FAL with select fire they are useless

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Well I have played about 10 games each with type 25 and Swat

Type 25 with lightweight and laser is like a long range SMG now if you play like that its good.

Swat is now an absolute monster - my KD with it was with old one 0.7 and not used much, now its over 4, so average about 2.5.

Im a 1.75 KD player, its now my best gun LOL....

It still kills in 1 burst to medium range, and bursts are quicker, SWAT is a beast.

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Awesome! The new Type 95!

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I think people were complaining mostly about the Chicom as far as SMG's goes and the fact that hip-fire was retarded on that gun. Just aim in the general direction and viola! Burst that badboy a few times and you're racking up kills!

I think they should've made people check their combat record(s) and see what gun(s) they've died to the most. I've been playing since the launch of the game, 80% HC player, and I've died to more AR's than SMG's. I'm playing the same game as everyone else...

- Younique

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Spawns in FFA have been changed. A bunch of new spawn points have been added.

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And you base this on...what, exactly? The patch notes mentioned nothing about FFA spawns.

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