so this update-.-

Black Ops II Xbox 360

so this update is as useless as ever

we only asked for the lag compensation to be fixed and this wil fix most of our problems outside weapon balancing scorestreaks etc

what do they do simple things which they apparently claim to have so much work put into it-.-

lets start with something the majority of this game and personally i only played it for the stupid achievement!

this is al quoted but i dunno how to make it look like that so bear with me


  • Added League Best from Season 1 to Player Card.
    • If you played in multiple series and/or multiple teams then your highest division and rank will be displayed.  The League Best will span all seasons.  If you finish with a higher division rank in Season 2 then your new League Best will be displayed after Season 2.
  • Added a Cumulative Daily Pool instead of a Weekly Pool in League Play. 200 Rank Points are added to a player’s pool every day. Points that are not used are rolled into the next day.

- ok so never asked league play stuff!

and TBH does anyone except the max 2k players care enough for any of these stupid things? my point properly proven as howmany players even bother with league play.

also i just looked howmuch players are playing league play and its 12:05 and im living in the netherlands and right now its 1,052 players in there! treyarch your putting the vast majority of the game down...

2) Added support for Live Streaming in all Public Match playlists

ok so the live streaming feature everyone was like OMG we can livestream withoud equipment! yay! and how does it turn out? first only in league and theater now in public matches big woop tie doo!

i never even touched the livestreaming feature since its useless and if people are gonna be like oh wel the smaller youtubers can stream now.

who is gonna watch you? the 10-20 people that are subbed to you? im not a big youtubers myself with little over 200 subs and it goes the same for me.

and if this was for the ''big youtubers'' then why even bother they already have their streaming equipment and it works 10x better then the stuff treyarch did

lets take woodysgamertag he has over 1mill subs and he used to livestream on youtube but went to twitch because how chaos the chat was.

on black ops 2 with treyarch equipment he can livestream for 30 minutes max.

with his own equipment he can livestream howlong he wants HUGE ADVANTAGE.


    • Death Machine: 3 hit kill range increased.
    • Dragonfire: health increased, gun spread reduced.
    • AGR: ground speed increased, reduced machine gun close range damage.
    • Warthog: reduced missile delay.
    • Lodestar: reduced missile speed and AOE radius.
    • Swarm: drone re-spawn delay increased.

so scorestreaks everyone biggest discussion on seperate from lag compensation

-the deathmachine: hmm never saw a big problem with it since nearly no1 runs it...

-dragonfire: its health is increased and thank god seriously 3 bullets were enough to take it down 1 with a sniper and its extremely easy to hit.

-AGR: so it moves slower eh ok thats good i guess and it reduced machine gun close range damage uhm right?.

ok so lets start here i used blindeye which is suppose to protect me against AI controller scorestreaks like the AGR itself

how can you know the AGR isnt controller by the player. thats also very easy if it makes a sound when it sees you its AI for sure.

so i use blindeye and it stil sees me and kills me while it shouldnt even be able to.

warthog: that thing is anoying but fun to use though and delay in missile reduced?! seriously that thing rapes everything and its more powerfull!?

lodestar: so the missiles move slower big deal... and area of effect radius is also down.

well when some1 uses it and it targets me im screwed anyways so with this i should be able to run away from it?Smiley Very Happy seriously how stupid can treyarch be and who makes these stuff david vonderhaar?!

Swarm: the drones respawn slower wow it stil doesnt fix the spawn killing now does it.

ok next thing at hand is the weapon balancingSmiley Very Happy yay what every1 been looking forward to aswell.


    • All + Silencers: reduced range.

seriously?! is this everything the SMGs gets!?

lets start with PDW its insanely powerfull from every distance it has little to no recoil yup thats sums it up

MSMC exactly the same but with less ammo then the PDW

im not even gonna go over the rest as these are the top 2 overused guns in the game as it is...

Assault Rifles:

    • All: reduced idle sway.
    • M27: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, increased 4-hit kill range.
    • Type25: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
    • SCAR: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
    • SIG556: penetration increased from medium to large, increased maximum number of bullets to kill at long distance and reduced burst delay.
    • TAR21: increased 3-hit kill range.
    • SMR: slight increase to damage so that 2 hit kills can still happen with minor penetration, headshot multiplier increased at long distance.
    • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
    • FAL OSW: increased hip spread.

ok so once again the ARs got a buff and a nerf lets go!

-reduced idle sway? i never get bothered by it since i dont stay ADS for 3 minutes! -.- stupid people.

-M27: so it kills faster on the head AS IT SHOULD and increased 4 hit kill range ok wel thats good i guess.

-type25: also kills faster to the head durp? slightly reduced max hipfire spread ok great.

-SCAR: same as type25.

-SIG556: ok so first i had to think what it was but its the SWAT-556 WHY CALL IT DIFFERENT IN THE PATCH NOTES?! anyways.

penetration increased for med to long ranges ok good increased max bullets to kill at long distance WTF?! isnt an AR suppose to be used for med to long?!

reduced burst delay yay another chicom? btw the chicom sucks thanks in advance...

-TAR21: increased 3-hit kill range wel that gun isnt even that bad and a small update to it...

-SMR: it can now 2 hit kill through minor penetrations yay? headshot multiplier increased at long distances WTF arent bullets suppose to decrease after a certain distance?! and where is the damned hit detection on this thing...

-FAL OSW: ok this 1 was a bad 1

with select fire increased recoil and withoud increased hipfire spread ok thats actualy an decent thing wait reduce the damned fire rate that thing shoots like no tomorow while im wearing my trigger finger down and the lazy people just hold the trigger GG treyarch.


    • All: ADS in and out time reduced.

ok so the ADS time was terrible and david vonderhaar sayt they were looking for a way to make LMGs their own class not just an oversized AR and they failed once again.


    • SRM1216: slightly increased short range damage.

ok ingame its M1216 the worse shotgun ever!

to get it gold i had to go hardcore and then it was a major pain up the arse... and now they slightly increased short range damage wel SLIGHTLY?! seriously you can put an knife in my hand it wil stil defeat the M1216 at close range...


    • Executioner: increased medium range damage.

the worse pistol in the game...

i agree its bad but come on this buff sucks

only increased medium range damage!? even at close range and ADS it takes 2-3 shots to kill so now medium range wil be the same? JOY.

and wel the perks and equipment buff

hardwired is finally now able to counter 100% of the EMP nade

and trophy systems range increased.

ok let me start with this WHERE IS THE DAMNED EMP NADE NERF!

it can go through floors walls everything it takes forever to get rid off and ok this isnt that big a deal but it disabled my killfeed i get most my info of what enemy with what gun is where through the killfeed

once again GG treyarch

Hello 360 gamers,

We are listening to you and we’ve been busy working on updates based on feedback from the community.

wel if your listening then why didnt you made an attempt at lag compensation

i know why your ''so perfect'' lag compensation was so good during gamescon

it was LAN there cant be lag in LAN since its al connection directly to each other!

and might aswell why not fix the EMP nade problem huh? enough people are complaining about it.

@david vonderhaar, your face is now as anoying as robert bowlings face during MW3.

atleast he told most of their patches and what they were working on with twitter! and not say doing the last big grind

atleast IW tried something with lag compensation after they messed it up david vonderhaar is just ignoring the tweets and hard evidence.

if i now type in youtube ''black ops 2 lag compensation'' i get around 20-30 videos with proof and side by side comparison and slow downed and he stil refuses to admid it or to even say yes our lag compensation isnt as perfect as we though.

im not going over every bug fix thats gonna take ages haha.

if your at this point and sticked with me thanks alot for reading it all.

i know its a wall of text but i had to say it after being silent for majority of the game... and couldnt stand it as i saw enough people complain about it.

also im sorry if it was kinda hard to read something because of missing alot of capitals and . and , even in my own language(dutch) i suck at those.

thanks alot and please put feedback on things treyarch should do!

unless like alot of threads the admins just deletes em...

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I think it is good balancing, any buff you see your just saying the weapon is shit anyway so it doesnt need a buff? lol

and EMP nerf? XD

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Where's my dinosaurs ?

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Lol yeah that's right ! Another disappointment to add to the list Smiley Very Happy

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EMP should go through walls if it did't then your wifi wouldn't work either, if it bothers you that much run EMPs and then if you get hit by 1 EMP yourself and it'll cancel it out.

The more you know...

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Have you even tried any of the guns before giving comments - thought not.

The SWAT556 and type 25 are now good guns and can easily mow down SMG users...on small maps.

Just dont tell everone

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yes i have tested the guns as im currently getting diamond on the ARs

type25 is a meh and swat is only good with select fire full auto mode...

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FFSAKE why cant they lstn to what people are saying searously nerf the smgs AGAIN have you tried useing them lately they almost useless now as it is what happens when the new maps come out bigger maps we going to get smgs buffed again.

fal has more recoil FFS they already ruined that gun to the point you cant use it anyway

ok people time to run pistol classes its the only op class they left alone and what i mean by op class is in the wrong hands they just pawn the game nothing can touch them looks like people will be hateing me again.

and yet again they HAVENT addressed the BIGEST issue in this game the ******* dam lag gggggrrrrr!!!!!

i waited for this patch before buying season pass glad i did they will be getting NO more money out of me for this peice of c*** i waited 2 years for the second release oh well lets see what the next gen brings

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Agreed! I have no idea what people are talking about the SMGs are useless.

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The updates made to the guns are plain stupid.  Now the M27, Scar and LMGs are going to be overused and people who spent time prestiging and completing challenges for the FAL, PDW, etc are stuck with gold cammo bullet magnets.  The FAL is the worst gun in the game now as this is the 2nd time they have increased the recoil.

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