so i was banned 6 days for booster killing hows that

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i was in a game of hckc it put in a half over game anyway everyone in that lobby where boosting so they where droping tacs so i started shooting them game end i had like 80 kills and maybe 10 deaths now i try to go online and it says banned for 6 days i mean really wtf i just bought the xbox fri i was prestege 1 lvl 44 i am sure i am reset also i dont understand i called the number they prtty much to me i was sol for 6 days  so i am returning the xbox and the game to best buy 2maro $59 they lose

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Hope you kept the receipt!

Seriously though return the 360 AND the game and get new copies of each. I have a friend on his 3rd 360 because of stuff like this (emblem locked because of an image). When you buy Xbox-Live just buy them by the month so you don't waste money when you need to start over.

I'm not sure if they would ban a new console for putting a banned LIVE account on it but why risk it?

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