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i personally think tryarch makes better cod games. i liked what they did in the orginal black ops when they made it really hard to quick scope i loved it it was really hard to so there was no fags quick scoping and i hope they keep it that way becuase people think that there so skilled that they can quick scope in mw3 okay my rant is over i just hope they keep it that way

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I think the slower scope in time and slower pull on the bolt is what is needed. I found that when I went to scope in to kill someone across the map the enemy was usually long gone by the time I had steadied the scope and hindering quickscoping should never affect someone who snipes properly.

It's an old debate though and it looks like they have it right in this years game,

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yes this is what i mean kind of snipers arnt meant to go running around quick scoping people your supposed to be from a long range scoping in and killing them unless your using a blot action rifle

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Comparing sniping to real-life?

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Im starting to think that QS threads should be locked and repeat offenders get the boot.

Its like some torture technique, repeating the same crap over and over untill you scream

"ill tell you anything!!!!! just dont mention Quickscoping again or ill go INSANE!!!"

You know the definition of INSANITY RIGHT?!?!? trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result........................

Crap is starting to piss me off, and i take alot to get pissed off.

Its like some rude little child trying to butt into your conversation, you wanna backhand the little $hit, but you know you cant do jack..... So you just tell him you have to be more polite and wait your turn like a good little boy.... but this hardly ever works, and if the child is spoilt, you know it will never work....and here you are again, trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result.... *giggles*

Now if i could just get out of this straight jacket....... i wouldnt have to type with my tongue anymore...

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Its probably just a representation of whats on forumers' minds, a lot of qs threads just means a lot of people have impressionable views on it.  I mean, you dont see threads on random obscure things in the game, because no one truly cares about them...why take it so personally

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That is the "new definition" some idiot invented so he could ignore your talking points. Likely a Republican idiot since only their warped views count in their pebble sized brains.

Snipers running around like they are suing SMG's while getting one hit kills AFTER you have hit them with a few rounds from an auto weapon is just plain wrong.

Treyacrh went a bit far as even hard scoping was a bit difficult in BLOPS1 but that is ok as patience is supposed to be part of sniping. They need to hide snipers better at distance from regular RDS or iron sights. Maybe make them invisible at certain distance unless you have an ACOG or are a sniper yourself.

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Just to let you know the definition of insanity of "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Is a quote from Albert Einstein who is possibly the greatest scientist in the last 100 years, not some idiot.

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Quickscoping was nearly impossible in black ops they didn't even have it close to right and they won't have it right in black ops II either.

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It was meant to be hard in BO. It was not meant to be easy to do. I hope that 3arc is brave enough to keep up that way of thinking and do the same if not more in BO2.

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