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Really hope so too, it looks like IW didnt have the ****s to keep it a challenge

on a side note, glad to see you on these forums lol, thought you were gone after mw3

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Me the DragonTroll of CoD disappear? Never! Someone has to be here to keep things and people level headed

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IW kept quickscoping cause they like to keep a variety of play styles and not just campers with ghost, claymore, and second chance.

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lol yeah, because quickscoping is such a worthy playstyle to keep!  It totally made mw3 better, dont you think?  But dont forget, they also created the innovative akimbo fmg badass, the always classic dead mans hand kamikaze, and the supremely great spawn-kill-die-spawn-kill-die support stealth bomber osprey master!  IW have such good ideas, dont they?

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QS wasn't hard enough still many people did it

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Stop... just stop.

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