Black Ops II Xbox 360

That's true, aswell Treyarch would have many more players,

so many people will already have gave up on the game

due to bad spawns and over powered shotguns,

so many times going for gold on a four kill streak

one kill of bloodthirsty I have been killed by a noon running

around with a shotgun.

it would be nice to have a gamemode were only snipers can be used

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I like the sniping in this game... I think 3arc did an excellent job with the sniper rifles.  I spend most of my time alternating between the Ballista and the DSR.  However, I would have no interest in a sniping only playlist.  I just can't see it being anything more than a novelty that would soon wear off.  It works in Halo because it's a different kind of game and some of the maps are absolutely massive.  BO2 just wasn't designed for that kind of gameplay IMO

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