real dissapointed In BO2

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I was wondering if anyone else here feels the same way...I was checking out the Devil May Cry game... it comes out on the 15th...What should I get that or the DLC....

I don't want to get the DLC and be dissapointed again...

If I get DmC that might give me some time to check out if the DLC is even worth it.... maybe I will rent it. IDK

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If you don't like it now DLC probably won't sway you. I feel bad for the people having such a bad experience with this game. It's about 90% right as rain for me.

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Yeah it's a shame... Game is tops in cod series along with mw1

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Yea I was watching a video...some guy playing COD4....hit it right on the head...

They are taking the money and running....I don't think I even want to support a company like that....

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not much support on here...hmm...

Just played the DMC demo...its pretty good, controls are a lil complicated, but so far the Demo has been more fun than BO2 hahaha

I think Im gonna rent it and post up and wait and see if the community likes the DLC....if its any good maybe I will get it....if I even have BO2 till then...

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I actually am looking forward to some new maps.  If you want to get DmC then get it.  Coming here to ask an apothetic forum isn't going to change your mind.  If you feel  as if the company is taking your money and running then why even stay?  I for one feel that this game is in the number 1 spot but that is just my opinion.

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I am quite enjoying it, aside from the occasional connection issues.

Not sure what the point of this thread was, however. Do you have specific reasons you are disappointed?

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Apart from the connection issues I love this game.  I've always been an Infinity Ward fanboy and haven't like any of the Treyarch multi player CODs(Love their Campaigns though) in the past but this is by far my favorite COD ever.

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Oh I don't know....I was just wondering if a lot of people where having a lot of the same issues I was....are we playing the same game haha

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ive always been more of a treyarch fan. i belive their artistic approach and historical aproach(ecept for this one) have always been more to my liking. I felt WaW was my COD4, even though i did enjoy that one too, WaW was always better for me. when BLOPS1 came out, i fell in love again with the new artistic and historial approach it it as well. when BOPS2 came out, at first i kind of though less of it because they strayed a little from history. but it was forgiven when i first saw all the art in this game. the calling cards, the emblem generation again, the sounds are fantastic(except for the volume of players), the DIAMOND cammo, the way they not only set it in the future, but also brought the GAME into the future, and a host of other things. i think with a little tweaking and some bigger maps it will become one of the greats.

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