"Teammate Confirmed Kill"

Black Ops II Xbox 360

It's said as if I should be grateful that someone has just ran over a fresh set of tags that are right in front of me...

Am I the only one who get's really annoyed by this?

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maybe you were trying to run over his fresh set of tags?

KC is fun and a great way to get score streaks if you can ninja them from people. You do however put yourself in harms way each time you go for tags. risk / reward. Does it bother me mine get stolen? No because I steal other tags.

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Nah not annoying. Its a team game.

They are just being team players

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I can see your point. Though I don't steal other people's tags, I'll only take them if they're unattended.

Maybe I should start...

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Simple fix. Increase the point value you receive when someone else confirms a kill you made. I believe you get 100 for confirming it yourself and 25 if someone else does it. Perhaps 50 or even 75 would be more fair.

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That's what I had thought too. It only bothers me so much because I'm trying to get some scorestreak calling cards atm and losing 75 pts can mean the difference between actually getting my SS and dying 1 kill short =/

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I never get angry when people take tags i killed and wanted. As im sure id do the same to them in a heartbeat

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I think kills should be 75.

confirms should be 75.

denies should be 50.

teammate confirms should be 50.

Assists should remaiin 25-50

It just rubs me wrong when a kill can be worth just as much as an assist.

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No, No, NO! This would only make more idiots sit back and snipe and never go for the tags! It is bad enough that we run into teams that have three snipers on them. This could lead to four + snipers! Sit back for easy kills and collect a good amount of points without putting yourself at risk.

There are already too many pansy players in this game. No reason to reward them.

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even though i dislike sniping, its apart of the game so in my opinion the values should be increased because its annoying when your teammate steals your tags. Sniping is a stradegy in some ways i guess.

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