"Teammate Confirmed Kill"

Black Ops II Xbox 360

funnily enough i came on here to complain about the same thing im sick of racking up kills just for someone on my team to grab them just as im about to i didnt care about who got them in mw3 since it only counted towards the team score but now its points towards your next streak its a different matter

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I think they should give the killer MORE than 25pts when the whole team runs over to get the tags LOL. It should be at least 50pts

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If team mates pick up your tags that's fine but they shouldn't get more points than you for killing the enemy.... How does that make sense, you do the hard work but your team mate gets the reward?

IMO no one should get more points than the person who got the kill.... it just doesn't seem fair.

One other alternative is say you have 3 seconds to grab the tags if you don't then its fair game to anyone. Except if you're the enemy then you can pick up other enemy tags when ever. It would kind of force people to run n' gun a little more (maybe). I hate it when people camp and leave tags everywhere! If you want to do that go play TDM or something.

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it is fine this way.  Sometimes a team mate runs and grabs a tag I was right next to, but so what?  The eobjective is to collect tags, and your team wins by getting them.  I'd rather someone grab my tag that was far away from me, than just ignore it.

In my opinion, too many people ignore tags, especially red ones.

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Yeah, I agree its annoying to have someone grab your tags but it has made people actually go for them which is nice. Lastnight I was playing HC KC and took out an enemy fairly close to me, there was another one off in the distance behind the first. Unfortunately, a team mate ran for the first set of tags right into my gun fire, I didn't expect him to come flying out so accidentally killed him

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Exactly Chrono. The point of the game is to collect tags as a team and win. I think the problem is they've attached so much score streak points to them, people are losing sight of the objective.

Presumably, they assigned the points to the tags to prevent the "kill whoring," non-objective playing guys, but it's made an ironic side-effect: more people concerned about killstreaks because of point value on tags instead of just grabbing tags to win.

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A kill or the collection of the tag is not a game in and of itself.  You have to open the maturity aperture here and see the forest for the trees......i.e. see the match for the kill/tags.  If you want to get tags, shorten your distance to the kill and use weapons supporting speed.  Work with fellow clan members in developing a strategy.

The understood strategy for players I join in KC with is that tags have a short life.....if someone doesn't get them, the tags vanish.

I would also recommend not to treat tags like care packages.  It is just a stat, a stat you can shape better with game play than a posted object of your personal annoyance.

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