probation for dashboarding

Black Ops II Xbox 360


its pretty dumb all i have been doin is backing out from the bad connections and two dot lobbys.... so now if your you end up in a bad game you have to play it or get banned  ...... thats pretty dumb seeming as i have run into alot of bad connection lobbys... i am now gettin punished for your search engines incompetence

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1. PING BASED MATCH MAKING.  that means the game searches for games with the best connection. no MW3 metaly retarded maches, less (hopefully none)BO laggy matches.

2. its for dashborders, state boosters, ect. its not to bad to stick through a game, leave after the game ends.

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OP you are fooling nobody but yourself here.

If you were backing out because of a bad connection you would do so normally, to the main menu of the game. You were dashboarding to save your precious KD and you got punished for doing so. Welcome to Black Ops 2

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played cod since probly MW2, dashboreded maiby 2 times total since then.

i also wait till the game is over before quiting. the lag will have to be down right terrable for me to leave do to lag. i mean worse than MW3 lag.

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There's no shame in going 3-15, stick it out, or leave through the proper menu.

We all have bad games.

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Ive had games like that on MW3, usually when im the host! i know because i cant get a kill for s**t!

99% of the time i'll just quit and let it migrate hosts, start streaming a video on my computer and try again so i dont get host!

Ive only dashboarded a few times, mainly if ive jumped on for a few games before i head out, next thing i know the phone is ringing saying where are you so its quicker than exiting the game, just switch off! lol!

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Great news!

2 Bar players suck though, but hey you're playing against a small fraction of the community atm, at your own risk. IF after release it still sucks, you have a point. Especially if hosting sucks.

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i pretty much knew what comments were gonna come ... honestly wait till you are playing .... exact same as mw3 4 dots perfect game no worries ... 3 dot its impossible unloading whole clips into enemies then getting shot.   and a lot of spawn trapping is going down in alot of lobbies you would be happy to spawn and die till the games over ? im not

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I pretty much have 3 bars at all times and never have any issues killing people. If your unloading whole clips into people try hardcore and that won't happen basically 1 burst kills with all guns.

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Simple question... in these circumstances, why do you have to dashboard? Why can't you simply leave the game "normally" through the menu option?

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