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Black Ops II Xbox 360

Please tell me that was a sarcastic comment you just made. Why should the game be so easy as to be able to unlock the highest camo super quick and easy? Why not make the game challenging? That is what makes a game fun and somewhat fresh.

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I used to think that way too Troy, But having gotten Legit Diamond for my AR's & Sub's in this game. I found it quite fun to challenge myself. Had to come out of my safe zone of favorite weapons.

I did have some very frusterating games though TBA, But managed to come out of it with positive KD's on every gun.

I have lots of time to play though, 2'ish hrs on the weeknighs and double that on most weekends. Casual players would be the worst affected by this system for diamonding a class. But hey, Im semi-casual and got a couple done.

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If finding it difficult to get the headshots and subsequent "specialty camos" knocked out then I would say that it's a good thing they structured it this way as it will likely make you a better player.

Increase your accuracy, force you to manage boards in different ways, change your routes, become adept at all weapon use. Don't view it as a hassle but more of a challenge... Oh, wait. That's what they call it!

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