lag compensation or bad reflexes

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I dont normally play COD but im finding that some players turn corners and im dead b4 i can even zoom my gun. Or ill knife somone and they will kill me. its almost like my connection like if I watch the kill cam it shows he had time to zoom in and everthing. no other shooters do that too me normally I play rainbow,ghost recon, MOH, I normally have more kills that deaths but this game is diffrent somehow. all i see here is camping and smg running around non stop. do most players just have really good reflexes or what?

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It's mostly lag comp, but there are some with legitimately good reflexes.

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There are pleny of papers on subject. I like this site though

Its not peer reviewed, but give a good idea of responce times. There is actually not a lot in it. And the difference is very small,

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Look! What is going on is basically, Your Playing a game That 1. has the worst Hit Detection ever. 2, Yes there is lag compensation so bad that when you come around the corner and run into an enemy it no longer comes down to Skill and Reflexes. It comes down to who has the better side of lag compensation. Unless you or your apponent is not of your skill level and even then Lag compensation plays a huge roll in weather or not you or the enemy win the gun battle. ! So dont feel bad just do what all the kids with High K/d's do in this game. Just Play a game and if your loosing alot of gun battles. Just Dashboard until you get into a lobby where you are doing good. ! Thats my advice!

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A player has to adapt their own game behaviors to meet the challenges.  If you are corner dying, don't rush the corner.  Drop a tactical device before you go around.  Watch others and follow.  They certainly want you to go first.

Do not stack up in a straight line with others on your team.  Get some space between you and cover the advance.  Leap frog around the terrain.

Use attachment that support your game.  WOrk on the math behind the game to support how you move, your network connects, and how your screen depicts the game.

If you find a 1.5 second or so difference in the killcam to what your display had, add some distance between you and the enemy.  Use the distance to crate artificial time (Distance = rate multiplied by time, so distance divided by rate = time) as your rate may appear slower than the other players.

Go to Gun Game or One In The Chamber to develop your skills.  These are fun and allow you to get to know the weapons that match your reflexes faster than hanging out in matchmaking lobbies for the self-induced massacre!

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Many good players anticipate when and where enemies are to show up and start ADS before they spot them. Then its just a little correction and boom. Gone. Make it a habit to go ADS at typical choke corners and well known spots. This is what "good" players do. Its less "god-like reflexes".

Oh. Its also lag compensation being wrongly calibrated in the match, giving the other guy a 300ms advantage

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Well as a person who has been good at shooters since the beginning, I can honestly say that reflexes dont make the biggest differences.

In this game the following things make the biggest difference.

1.) Your connection to the host.

2.) Playing with teammates that communicate and arent horrible.

3.) Your knowledge of what gun you should be using for each map.

4.) The layout of the map

5.) Your ability to read the radar

6.) Proper use of equipment

7.) Ability to realize the talent level of your team and therefor how aggressive you need to be to win.

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ive got the reflexes of a hibernating tortoise so im usually well screwed in a 1v1 fight

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So do you carry a shield then?

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a shield wouldnt help me either i could do with one of them over shields from halo then i might stand a chance

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