is it right to have a x-rated emblem?


Black Ops II Xbox 360

Hi guys..ive noticed a lot of young players online and find it uncomfortable when they are in a lobby and there are so many rude emblems on display. I know the game is a 18 but we all know that under aged people play this game..Should more be done to prevent these emblems being viewed by a younger audience because we cant stop the kids playing the game..what do you think?

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Accepted Solutions

report them.

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report them.

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they should ban them from making emblems or something

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Just report them in game and they will recieve a ban from making emblems.

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As others, I report them if I think of it and have time then move on. I find it childish. What I find more offensive are the ratially motivated, hate emblems etc.

Mostly because I don't believe the kids are old enough to know any better, don't have parents involved enough to teach them and they probably think it cool and edgy to showcase their swastikas etc.

These I will always make time to report regardless.

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Or people make them cause they actually don't like otherr races other than whites? i  made my own emblem!and i know you will get mad and say something about my views of races but it's how i see things!

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As your peers have said, report offensive emblems in game. I do it in the lobby while waiting for the match to start. Think of it like a mini game.

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