is it me or does COD go down hill every double XP weekend

Black Ops II Xbox 360

for the last how ever many double xp weekends black ops 2 has had for me it always seems to go massively down hill

any other time that's not double xp i do great but as soon as double xp  hits i just drop massively i cant seem to get 10+ kills in a game compared to my 20-25+ kills when it is not on

any help

a annoyed gamer

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Double XP weekends are the time when I focus on class setups that can get me as high of a SPM score per minutes as possible.  I don't care about K/D during double xp.   I like to rush around and spam EMP grenades and wreak as much havoc as possible.

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Yeah,I have been on probation 10 times in a row now. I will not play in a POS lag filled game. SO I keep dashboarding. Like probation is going to stop me. They fix the fuckinggame no more dashboarding.

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Well, here is my deal with 2 XP weekend. When you mix in skill based matchmaking and the more people being on at 1 time, the more likely you are going to be placed against players that are just as skilled, or more skilled than you. So, seeing your K/D ratio drop, while disconcerting, is explainable. Now, the whole additional lag thing that most people complain about, and I know you didn't, is a little more difficult to explain and I can't even explain it because with the additional people being online, it should be easier to find those that are at your skill level and are close to you. So, lag should actually be less noticable, especially seeing as how we don't use dedicated servers or play on a sandbox server. I'd like to know why we get more lag on Double XP weekends.

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thanks for the answers guys now i have some idea as to why it is so bad  at somw points and not others

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Double XP weekend so what do we get?

Lag, More Host Migrations, more Error connecting to Session notices, more searching for other players, the game start counter getting to 5 then Host Migration, Need a few more players / Searching for other players, repeat and rinse...

.......and thats without all the cheats, boosters, lag switching kids and abuse etc...yep thats Double XP weekends

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Prefer more double weapon XP ,dont seem to get enough of that, i find it more usefull personally,

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Is it you ? If so, please stay offline during DblXP so it doesn't suck for the rest of us. LOL

I'd say the lag is far worse than non DblXP days but then again, you get DblXP. I guess it depends on which is worse to you.

To me, I could care less about which prestige I am on. I just hate laggy games.

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No you are right all the shite connectors who turn on Netflix and god knows what else  mid game come out to play. Stewth some even connect through through iPhones on hotspot.....laggity lag lag..

Lag goes up as does frequency of host migration and server drop outs,.......and unjustified probations.

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Well i have  played once again and its the double lag weekend..its terrible just unplayable typical hitmarkers,ghost bullets, enmey that just appear from no where,its always the same i can only play in  the morning for about a hour and thats it,and im in thr u.k.When double Xp is off i then can play normal again?avereage 20 kills...double Xp 10 kills if lucky .They need to fix the frame rate skip,teleporting host disconnection etc..just no good all this high tceh game when its unplayable...Black ops 2 is one help of a good game ruined by the LAG.

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