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I do play hardcore often. But not with friends. they prefer other gametypes.    By playing hardcore i am killed to often by teammates and also banned to often for cilling teammates. I try not to but whit the spawnplaces you can hardly give a airstrike without cilling a teammate.        SOOO   ...

Can't we do something on the teamkill in hardcore and  being banned of the game. instead  after 3 teamkills being banned

i suggest to lower the damage for your team. (its hardcore, but its still a GAME-)  you could also let the people stand still for a few seconds. so you are a good target for a while.or give a map where ennemy always can see the one who kills teammates.  make them vissable.  or give the a minus kill. or the next 30 seconds  lower the  damage of their gun.

other question.

can't they give new places or change order for capturegames.

I also want another gametype. A game where everyone has the same gun and perks like the fungames.(one in the chamber, ..)

other ideas     let me know.


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Re: hardcore

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Rather than getting kicked they should be put on probation for 30 seconds or so. If someone deliberately does it again, than they should get kicked.

As far as new hardcore modes i'm all for it but the developers are clearly not.. They sacrificed hardcore ffa for hardcore kill confirmed. Doubt i'd want to sacrifice anything else for hardcore gun game.

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Re: hardcore

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im so sick of getting probation for team killing when im shooting at an enemy and my team runs in front of me and get them selves killed. so they really need to do something about it. cause its not my fault but im the one getting punished. even if both players ( the one the killed the team mate, and the on that ran out in front) get kicked.  MAKE IT FAIR

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Re: hardcore

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Make it fair? PLAY CORE! When you people choose Hardcore, it says clearly Frendly Fire On. My bad it didn't say you get kicked for it. Just like baseball with 3 strike, first 2 your good, last one your OUT. Same rules on HC, if you don't stop getting probation or kicked from game, get better at core. Most of my friends and I play HC all the time and rarely do someone get kicked, none of my friends ever had probation neither... Get better

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Re: hardcore

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Blaming the other guy for running in front of you is the oldest excuse ever in the hardcore series. You are supposed to be more careful NOT to kill your team mates , period. Many other players have no trouble because they dont get kicked.

Its been said many time that hardcore was made the way it was for a reason. If you cant adapt to others playstyle the that is your problem. You are supposed to adapt to your team, your whole team isnt supposed to adapt to you.

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Re: hardcore

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Yeah, I'm down. I have the same problem. I posted a thread about this too and got quiet a few replies and so maybe you can add those people from mine if you want more people.

My GT is ZZ Killbook if you ever wan't to play.

Looking for MP players who play hardcore

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Re: hardcore

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Hardcore is hardcore because YOU have the responsibility to be aware of your surroundings and communicate with your teammates.

If you are TKing or Getting TK'd a lot... the issue is you. YOU have to look at how you are playing. YOU have to look at the choices you make in setting up your classes and choosing scorestreaks. It is not up to the game to think for you.

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