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You do realize that many people who play softcore likely only play it because it's the only way to play their preferred gametype right...

Take MW2 for example, I played most of that game softcore simply because there were no good hardcore modes included. If they had included the game modes I liked in hardcore I never would have even played one second of softcore.

I have even played some softcore in BO2 (and hated every second) because it's the only way to play Demolition (my favorite gametype)

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Re: hardcore really?

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Quit calling it soft core, you sound like a moron. ANd if more people wanted to play Hard core, they would still play TDM or KC until their preferred gametype was implemented. There isnt a large enough player base to add in as many playlists as in core. When there are 500k players on MP, its lucky if 50l of them play HC, and its not because there isnt more choice, its because it has and always will be a niche audience. The game was created with "core" mechanics, and those mechanics are what made the game popular, HC was an after thought.

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Re: hardcore really?

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Hardcore the opisite softcore. HC players have been calling it this way for years. And really 500k on only 50k on HC? Ypu core players need to pay more attention to the numbers if you want to keep paroting vahn...2 nights ago there was 335k on 67k in HC with 21k in HCKC alone....

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Re: hardcore really?

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You do realize you sound ridiculous when you cant compare 50k to 67k when you are talking about numbers up to 350k. Thats over 5x more... so if you do simple math you have 4 game modes and core has 5x more people so we should have 20 game modes. And this is comping from someone who played HC SnD and CTF all the time.  But once you start implimenting HC Dom and HP it becomes a crazy mess of people taking LMG with FMJ and Ext Mag and spraying thought everything and everyone. 

PS the more game modes there are with a very small player base means worse lobbys, more lag, and bad gaming experience. If the Devs notice a crazy spike in players playing HC game modes there is more likely a chance to see more game modes.. not with just the same 10 people complaining about the lack of them.

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Re: hardcore really?

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I believe it is you who has the honor of sounding ridiculous. First off go read the thread "hardcore modes". There is 60 pages of it with far more than 10 contributers. Secondly my standpoint is to disprove the whole we dont need more modes becausew are "1%". When in truth we are closer to 15-20% as the lists currently stand. With the addition of more modes such as HQ or DOM i believe this number will grow.

Andbyou already have 3 times the lists in core, i would be satisfied with 6-8 HC lists. If they want to remove leauge(the true less than 1%) and give you guys more modes by all means go for it.

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