Black Ops II Xbox 360


This is all true people. I was playing a game where i started shooting first, and i did not get hitmarkers untill litteraly half a second later. You might say half a second is nothing, but thats what determines the winner of the gun fight and sometimes the game.

Beleive it or not this game is no where near balanced. You have team games where the host team usually wins.

The only time i enjoy useing the weapons i use is when im host, because most of the time i feel the guns im useing are peices of crap but thats not true, its who has the better connection. I know there are thousands of threads pertaining to this constant problem, but please.......

If you care about anything else besides money, make a game that is fair, im tired of seeing these threads (which by the way you creators never read, despite what you say).

You have enough money to make any game you want, and you still dish out the same bull crap host servers each year. Make a game that dishes out fair connection to all.

Last but not least, im tired of pushing the select button to see some people with 4 bar connections and 3 bar connections. Every body should be a 4 bar connection, figure out a way to solve this before you dish out Modernwelfare 4 (aka) Moderndeathstreak 4 (aka) Modernwarfail 4.

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